5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Looking for something unique this year for your Christmas tree? There are so many different ways that you can decorate your tree that the possibilities are really endless.

I have included a guide below for 5 unique ways to decorate your Christmas tree. This will help to give you ideas and then you can add your own personal touch to the ideas to make them your own.

santa claus treeSanta Claus Tree

Make your Christmas tree look just like Santa Claus this year. You start by wrapping clear lights on your tree or you can use a pre-lit tree that has clear or white lights. Then take some bright red mesh and wrap it completely around your tree. You will still be able to see the lights shine under the mesh and it will give off that soft hint of sparkle and light.

Use white feathers or make your own topper and bottom decoration using white felt. Shape the topper so it looks like the point on Santa’s hat. Then use the rest of the white material to wrap around the last bit of the bottom of the tree.

Add in a few red sparkle ornaments throughout the tree to add some more interest to the area. Then take a large black leather belt with a gold buckle and wrap it around your tree in the middle to top half of the tree.

Lastly, use a plain black Christmas tree skirt to look just like Santa’s black boots. You can use a blanket that you cut out yourself to fit around your tree or you can find a black felt piece large enough to wrap around your tree.

 Patriotic Christmas Tree

Show your patriotism with a red, white and blue Christmas tree. This tree isn’t hard to do as you can find plenty of ornaments in red, white and blue. You can also add in some gold for a little accent color and for sparkle as well.

With this type of tree you can choose to keep it elegant with glass ornaments and acrylic ornaments or you can take it to more of a country or old fashioned style and choose homemade ornaments along with ribbons and felts.

Another nice added touch are star ornaments as well as a gold star tree topper or you can even find a red, white and blue star topper. For the tree skirt, keep the patriotic colors going and opt for something simple with stars or even one that looks like the American flag.

Snowman Christmas Tree

For a snowman Christmas tree you can use a normal evergreen tree or try something a little different and get a white tree. If you are going to use a regular green tree then you may want to consider wrapping it white mesh or at least putting some white fluffy garland around the tree.

For the snowman buttons use three or four black ornaments that are hung right in the middle. Wrap a red scarf around the top of the tree because all snowman need a scarf.

Then for the topper, you can get a snowman head topper that looks perfect as the top head of the snowman. For the snowman’s arms, branches would work sticking out of the tree and then you can place some red mittens on the end of the branches.

To finish off the tree, you can use a white tree skirt to cover the bottom of the tree. You can also choose to hang a few sparkly snowflake ornaments in a few different spots to make your snowman glisten.

let it snow christmas treeLet It Snow Christmas Tree

A let it snow Christmas tree can be simply breathtaking. When I think of snow I think of glistening snowflakes along with some light blue colors mixed in.

At the top of the tree you could use a shining snowflake topper to really make the theme of the tree. Then use bright white lights to make it shine. For the garland you can use a small silver beaded garland or even some silver or white ribbon.

The ornaments are really what make the tree special. Look for big snowflakes with glitter along with plain shiny blue bulbs to add as an accent color. You can also add in some plain colored white bulbs as well as silver.

For the tree skirt you can keep it simple with a plain white one or you could look for a white one with snowflakes or a silver one as any of these would work well with this idea.

Bright Colorful Christmas Tree

Make your Christmas tree the main attraction and include all kinds of colors of the rainbow or stick with a few of your favorite colors. For example you could do a tree in pink, purple, and aqua colors. The key is to keep things bright and colorful.

Use multi colored lights or if your are going for certain colors only look for lights in one of the colors or you can stick with white ligths and use color with the ornaments.

For the ornaments look for all kinds of bulbs and unique shaped ornaments in different colors. I know that most stores have plenty of ornaments in colors like pink, purple, lime green, navy blue, red, aquamarine, and even yellow.

One idea that you could do is to do a rainbow of colors starting at the top with one color and as you go down the tree you fade into the other colors just like  a rainbow. For example, maybe at the top of the tree you have pink and then by the time you get to the bottom all the ornaments are blue.

To finish off the tree, look for a multi colored tree topper and a colorful matching tree skirt.

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for unique ways you can decorate your Christmas tree this year.

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