Blue Christmas Tree Toppers

 This is a fading light star that looks pretty cool at the top of your tree. It has a blue frame and blue lights as well.

There are 10 LED lights in the topper that make it shine. The LED lights are nice because they use less energy which means a smaller electric bill.

The topper is electric but comes with a green wire that can be easily hid in the tree so you don’t see it. This topper would be great for any any type of blue themed Christmas tree or if you simply like the color blue and want something different for your tree.



This is a fun color changing Christmas tree topper. The lights change from blue to white and then to a combination of blue and white. This topper would be great for a blue and white themed tree or any kind of a snow themed tree.

The star topper is covered in white glitter so not only does it light up but it also sparkles and shines.

This is a battery powered topper and does require two “D” batteries for it to work. There is an automatic timer shut off after 6 hours and then on again after 18 hours. Or you can use the on/off switch on the battery back to turn the topper on and off when you want.

The topper measures 12 inches tall and is a great size for a lot of different sized trees from a smaller average size tree to even a larger tree over 6 feet. You can easily attach the star to the top of your tree with the included cone base.


If you really want something different for your blue Christmas tree topper, then you need to buy this light up blue bow for the top of your tree.

You don’t see a lot of people with a light up bow as a topper but it can be simply beautiful at the top of your tree. The way that this bow lights up is with LED chips that don’t need to be housed in a cradle but have a fine little wire and that is all. The bulbs are cool to the touch so they are perfectly safe inside the ribbon and on your tree.

Because of the LED light wire you can actually shape the bow to make sure it looks just the way you want it to. The bulbs won’t break when adjusting the bow.

The bow measures approximately 9 inches in diameter. The bow topper can be a great way to add some blue color to your tree and still have it light up the top of your tree.

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