Burlap Bow Christmas Tree Toppers

A burlap bow Christmas tree topper gives your tree a unique look as well as fits in perfect with a primitive or rustic themed Christmas tree.

You don’t usually see that a lot of Christmas trees with a handmade big, bow at the top and having one made out of a natural colored burlap is even more unique.

Burlap has always been a pretty classic material to use in decorating in things like rustic and primitive styles, but it has become even more trendy with fun prints and “natural” style Christmas trees.

There are several different options when it comes to burlap bow toppers as you can choose a traditional natrual burlap or go with something really unique and get a patterned burlap bow topper.

Natural Burlap Bow Tree Toppers

Burlap Bow Tree TopperNatural Burlap Bow Topper

These are great if you just want a simple burlap tree topper to go with a rustic or primitive style tree. The bow adds a special touch but it does keep it simple with the natural burlap instead of adding other ribbons or colors to the topper.

As you can see there are different types of bows that you can choose from depending on which style you like the best. Some toppers will even have longer tails that go down the tree as shown in the first tree topper above.

Burlap Bow with Ribbon Christmas Tree Toppers

These are slightly different in that these bow toppers are made with burlap material as well as other ribbon or fabric mixed in to give it more color and style.

Red Ribbon and Burlap Tree TopperTan and Red Burlap Tree TopperBurlap and Chevron tree topperLeopard and burlap tree topper bow

Some people like the addition of the color along with the burlap to make the topper stand out a little more on top of the tree.

Red Burlap Christmas Tree Topper Bow

Another option is to go with an all red burlap ribbon for the top of your Christmas tree. This looks really nice with both rustic or older fashioned trees as well as more modern trees as well.

There are really are so many great ways to include a red burlap topper on your tree. You could do a red and white themed tree as well as a primitive themed tree or even a nature theme with red berries and pine cones.

Patterned Burlap Bows for Christmas Tree Toppers

Nowadays burlap has become quite trendy when it comes to decorating so you can find all kinds of unique and cool patterned burlap ribbons. There are some really beautiful and fun bow toppers that use all kinds of patterned burlap to really make a statement on the tree.

Merry Christmas Multi-Colored Snowflake Layered Tree Topper BowBurlap Plaid Snowflake Tree TopperRed Green Glitter Stripe Burlap Christmas Bow  TopperRed and Tan Burlap Christmas Bow

As you can see you get all kinds of different styles and looks when you incorporate different patterned burlap into your tree topper.

For any  more specific information about the size of the tree topper as well as any customization you may want done, click on the picture of the topper to learn more about it.

How To Make a Burlap Bow Christmas Tree Topper Tutorial

If you are pretty crafty and interested in making your own burlap bow for your Christmas tree topper, there are several tutorials that you can find online depending on what style bow you want for the top of the tree.

Some people prefer using actual yards of burlap to make a really big bow while other people use a burlap ribbon instead. If you choose to use the natural burlap ribbon you may want to consider a fire resistant spray as burlap is highly flammable.

The first thing you need to do is to pick out your burlap ribbon (or you can use actual burlap if you don’t mind a few extra steps).

Then, follow this great how-to tutorial on making a big tree topper bow.

Whether you buy your burlap Christmas tree topper bow or you decide to make your own, this topper can make your tree stand out and be one-of-a-kind this holiday season.

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