The Grinch Christmas Tree Toppers

Decorate your tree a little different this holiday and use one of the awesome How the Grinch Stole Christmas tree toppers to make your tree really stand out this year.

If your favorite Christmas character (or maybe your child’s favorite) is Mr. Grinch, then one of these Grinch-inspired toppers is really a must-have for your home.

You aren’t going to find these toppers in your local department store as these are special and unique toppers that are handmade especially for Grinch fans.

With some of the toppers you can even transform your tree into The Grinch instead of just having a Grinch themed tree!

Grinch Christmas Tree Topper for a Grinch Themed Christmas Tree


the grinch tree topper


Transform your Christmas tree into Mr. Grinch with this awesomely cool tree topper .

This isn’t just a topper as it is actually a 3 piece set for your tree.

With this topper you get the top part which features the Grinch wearing his famous Santa hat along with his arms that can be placed to pop right out of the tree.

The topper is made of plywood and is handmade. It is lightweight so you don’t have to worry about your tree toppling over from the weight of it.

The topper is a good size measuring 22 inches tall.  It would work well with a medium or smaller sized Christmas tree but you may be able to make it work with a larger tree as well.

Kids and adults will love this whimsical and fun Grinch tree topper especially when you really play it up and decorate in the rest of the tree in a matching theme.

One Grinch Christmas tree topper idea that you could do is to use some red and white ribbon or deco mesh to sort of make the top part of the tree the rest of his body. This adds a bit more to the tree but of course you can always keep it simple and just use these three pieces as well.

The Grinch Stealing Your Christmas Tree Topper Idea



How’s this for a creative Christmas tree idea?

This is more than just a tree topper as it actually comes with 3 separate pieces including the Grinch’s head and neck for the top of the tree as well as both of his arms to go towards the middle of the tree.

When you put all the pieces together on the tree it appears as if your tree has transformed into the Grinch and he’s trying to steal the tree away.

The topper set is handmade with it being hand painted and sealed so it will definitely be unique. You can even message the seller about adding special touches to make it personally yours.

This would be perfect if you plan on having any type of Grinch themed Christmas party or you just really enjoy the Grinch.

Fun How The Grinch Stole Christmas Tree Topper Decoration


mr grinch themed Christmas tree topper


This Mr. Grinch themed tree topper is probably something that you have never come across in the past before.

This is a  really fun and different topper and definitely plays into the whimsical feel of the Dr. Seuss books.

The topper is a hat covered in polka dots and even features lights. There is a large colorful bow in lime green and red patterns that add to the Grinch-e-ness of the topper.

This can be used for a topper on a medium or large sized tree (6 feet or taller) or can even be used to decorate a shelf or mantle in your home. It can even be used as a centerpiece on your table.

It measures 10 inches high and because it is custom made by hand there may be slight variations from the picture. But that also means that you can potentially customized the topper if you wish as well.

There are also hat toppers that come in black and lime green if you want to change it up a bit.

This red and green Christmas tree topper is even great for a non-Grinch themed tree as it goes great with a whimsical or fun Christmas tree theme as well.


Handmade Crocheted Grinch Christmas Tree Topper

grinch christmas tree toppersBUY NOW

How fun is this crocheted Mr. Grinch? He would look perfect perched on top of your tree staring down at you and your family as you open your gifts on Christmas morning.

With his Santa hat and costume on he looks just like Santa but his little smirk on his face tells you he is up to no good.

This topper is plenty big at 10 inches tall for a medium or even slightly larger size Christmas tree. This would be adorable to use on a kid’s tree.

The topper comes with a paper insert so that it easily stays in place on the top of the tree.

It is hand crocheted so you aren’t going to find anything like this in your local store.


And of course you can’t forget the Grinch themed Christmas ornaments to go along with your toppers. You may just be amazed at many great ornaments featuring the green guy you can choose from.

If you love The Grinch and really want a Grinch themed Christmas tree, these How the Grinch Stole Christmas tree toppers are a must-have for your home this holiday.

They will entertain your family and all your visitors this Christmas and put a smile on your face this season.

Santa Tree Toppers

There are lots of different Santa Claus tree toppers to choose from. There are the old fashioned or old world Santa Claus toppers as well as the festive and fun looking Santa. Check out all the different Santa Christmas tree toppers below.

Be sure to check out the fun characters Santa tree toppers below as well.

Santa Christmas Tree Toppers


This Santa topper would be perfect for an outdoorsy theme or even a primitive theme for your Christmas tree.

The topper features a full length Santa in his burgundy and gold robe that features fur accents on the bottom as well as on his Santa hat. He is carrying a garland of evergreen with ornaments and ribbon decorating it. Of course his long white beard and bushy eyebrows are on display as well.

It is even pre-lit with 10 lights that really draw attention to the topper.

This is a pretty large topper  at 10 inches tall and would look appropriate for an average size Christmas tree.

Since the topper easily sits on top of the tree with the plastic cone under the bottom part of Santa’s robe this topper can also be a freestanding decoration on a mantle or shelf as well.


Old World Glass Blown Santa Topper


If you are looking for an old fashioned Santa topper then you have found the perfect topper for your tree.

This topper has that old traditional style that you would have seen on Christmas trees back years and years ago.

It features a fun winking Santa on top of the finial ornament covered in gold glitter accents.

This is completely mouth- blown glass that is then hand painted and isn’t just mass produced on a line.  This old world Santa topper features handcrafted styling and quality materials that you don’t always find in a tree topper.


Santa and Sleigh Rotating Tree Topper


If you want something unique and different for your tree then you definitely need this flying Santa with reindeer tree topper.  Santa in his sleigh actually goes around the top of your Christmas tree  and appears like he is flying with his reindeer leading the way.

Eight reindeer are attached to Santa’s big red sleigh, which is filled with gifts. The topper will take Santa and his reindeer in a clockwise motion around the other area of the top of your tree. You can even add another topper to the tree and it will rotate along with Santa and his sleigh.

The topper measures approximately 20 inches long and is definitely large enough to be the main attraction on even larger trees.

Not only will you love the way that the topper flies around your tree but the details are beautiful as well. There is glitter accents to the reindeer as well as Santa and his sleigh.

The attention to detail on the topper is exquisite and you really will not find another item like this.

Kids will absolutely love this topper and anyone who comes to visit your home will be awe of the flying Santa.

It comes with instructions on how to easily set it up as well as a video you can watch to go step by step, which is not that hard at all.

LED Fiber Optic Santa Claus Tree Topper


Want a Santa for your tree that really shines? Love fiber optic Christmas decorations?

Then this topper may be the perfect finishing touch to your tree this year.

It measures 12 inches tall and comes with plenty of LED fiber optic lights to make Santa light up either on top of your tree on your table or mantle.

Santa is dressed in his typical red and white fur trimmed coat with his matching cap. He is also holding his own decorations for the season with the evergreen and berry branches in his arms.

This works great for more of a traditional Santa with a classic style.

Santa Mickey Christmas Tree Topper

Mickey Mouse Santa Tree Topper


Have a holly jolly Christmas tree with this simply adorable Mickey Mouse Santa topper.

This character topper is perfect for any families who have kids or grand kids and want something special for the top of their tree.

Mickey is dressed up exactly like Santa and is even holding some candy canes. The arms on the topper are bendable so you can style them as you please.

The topper measures 10 inches tall so although it is not huge it would work well for an average size or slightly smaller tree.

But Mickey Mouse isn’t  the only fun character who wants to dress up as Santa.

Star Wars Yoda Santa Tree Topper

Kurt Adler Classic Yoda Table Piece/Treetop Figurine, 10-Inch


This is similiar to the Mickey topper above as Yoda is dressed up just like Santa and ready to give you some presents for Christmas.

This topper also measures 10 inches tall and the arms are bendable as well.

This Santa Yoda decoration is not only great for a Star Wars fan’s Christmas tree but it can even be used to decorate a mantle or table for the holidays as well.

A Santa tree topper is a great way to really finish off your Christmas tree and keep in the believing aspect of the holiday. Kids love Santa but so do adults!

Peanuts Christmas Tree Topper Featuring Snoopy

If you love Snoopy and the gang you are going to love this Peanuts Christmas tree topper featuring Snoopy and his best friend Woodstock.

This is an officially licensed Peanuts tree topper. The topper lights up and even comes with 4 replacement bulbs. The topper measures 9 inches high and comes with an attached metal cone to easily secure it to your tree.

Snoopy is wearing his Santa hat on the topper and has a green scarf wrapped around his neck at the bottom. He is giving off his famous grin. Then you have his little yellow bird friend Woodstock peeking out from behind him smiling.

The topper has a silver plated finish and also features some glittery finish areas to make it shine even more.

This Snoopy topper would be great for a family who has kids or for any adult who may simply love Snoopy and Peanuts. You could even give this as a Christmas gift to a friend or family member who loves Snoopy and I bet they would absolutely love it.



You can even make your very own Peanuts or Snoopy themed Christmas tree with this topper.  There are so many great Peanuts Christmas tree ornaments that you can add along to the topper to have your very own themed tree.

There are Snoopy ornaments as well as the whole cast of Peanuts of course including Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, Linus, Peppermint Patty, and Woodstock.

Check out some of these awesome ornaments below.

Tinkerbell Christmas Tree Topper

Spread some Pixie dust on your Christmas this year with a beautiful Tinkerbell Christmas tree topper. These toppers are great for anyone who loves Tinkerbell or just wants a unique topper that sparkles and shines.

Light Up Tinkerbell Christmas Tree Topper



This is a simply beautiful Christmas tree topper featuring Tinkerbell along with her very own Disney Christmas tree.

This is a Disney Resort exclusive that won’t last long and is sure to sell out quickly.

Tinker Bell features light up wings as well as her flight path around the tree also lights up. The Christmas tree is made of felt material and even features Mickey ears ornaments that surround the tree to give it an extra special touch.

This picture really doesn’t even do this topper justice as there is glitter and attention to detail that really makes this topper stand out for any Disney or Tinkerbell lovers.

The topper measures 12 inches in height and is 6 inches in diameter. Although it is not a huge tree topper, it will definitely be the center of attention on your tree.

Disney Tinkerbell Tree Topper

Disney Tinker Bell Tree Topper


This Christmas, Tinker Bell is granting wishes and sparkling at the top of your tree.

The Tinkerbell figure has such great detail and she simply looks beautiful sitting on the top  of your tree. She is perched on top of a flower and ready to use her wand to add some sparkle.

Off her wand is real ribbon that floats down to look like sparkles from her using her wand.

This is a hand crafted topper and you aren’t going to find the detail and intricacy with other toppers.

It is a smaller topper as it only measures 8 inches high but would be perfect for a smaller tree or even a table top tree for your kids. Perfect for any Disney themed Christmas tree.

Share the magic this holiday season and place a Tinkerbell topper on your tree.

Either one of these beautiful Tinker Bell Christmas tree toppers would be perfect for any Disney themed tree or for anyone who is young at heart and just wants a special fairy on their tree.

Be sure to check out some of the Tinkerbell Christmas ornaments to go with your topper as well.

Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree Topper

Do you love Mickey Mouse or know someone who does? A Mickey Mouse tree topper can be a great way to incorporate your favorite character into your Christmas celebration.

Santa Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree Topper

This is a new Mickey tree topper and it is already selling fast.

This topper features Mickey Mouse dressed up as Santa Claus and hauling a great big sack full of toys. The back of the topper has a sparkling snowflake with gem accents on the ends. There are also glitter accents that make this topper simply shine on the top of the tree.

The topper is easily attached to the tree with the metal cone cylinder at the bottom. The topper (including the bottom cone) measures 10″ tall.

This Mickey tree topper would be great for a family with kids as well as any Disney or Mickey Mouse fan. It’s a fun topper that you don’t see all the time and makes you young at heart during Christmas time.


Mickey Mouse and Friends Christmas Tree Topper

This Christmas tree topper features Mickey Mouse and all his Disney friends. This is definitely a unique topper that will catch the attention of everyone who sees your tree this year.

The star on this topper lights up it even rotates around the tree with a simple flick of a switch.

The topper features Mickey driving the sleigh and Tinkerbell at the top right by the big star. Then you have Pluto along with reindeer pulling the sleigh and other Disney characters are represented with the toys in the sleigh. The other characters include Donald and Daisy Duck, Pinocchio, a Dalmation dog, Dumbo, the Three Little Pigs, Winnie the Pooh, and Goofy.

The star on the topper is approximately 9″ and the sleigh measures 10.5″ long.

This item would make a great gift for any Disney lover who appreciates the older characters as well as any family with children who simply love Mickey.



Any type of Mickey Mouse Christmas tree topper would work perfectly for a Disney themed Christmas tree. You can pair these toppers with other Disney character ornaments or even just stick to classic Disney theme with Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Pluto.

Of course you definitely don’t need a Disney themed Christmas tree to use one of these toppers as they are so much fun for kid’s Christmas trees or someone who is just young at heart and loves Mickey.