How To Get Your Christmas Tree Topper To Stay On

One of the biggest complaints that people have about Christmas tree toppers is that they can’t seem to get the topper to stay on the tree.

Although some toppers may be too heavy for some trees, there are a few different ways in which you can anchor your topper on the top of the tree so it stays upright in the exact spot you want.

Stop struggling with your tree topper when decorating your Christmas tree and instead learn how to get your Christmas tree to stay on your tree properly.

Quick Tree Topper Fix for Artificial Christmas Trees

get your tree topper to stay onIf you have a fake Christmas tree you may only need a quick fix that takes a few seconds to get your topper on your tree.

Basically you want to take as many branches as possible from the top of the tree and really pack them into the base of the tree topper.

This helps to stabilize the topper instead of just having one or two branches that don’t fill up the whole base of the topper.

If you don’t like the look of this way you can also try to bend the branches in half to give a wider base for the topper as well.

This can also work for some real Christmas trees depending on the thickness of the tree at the top.

This quick fix may work for a lot of tree toppers but there are still some that really need to be anchored down instead, so I have a solution for that as well.

Use Floral Wire or Twine to Anchor Your Christmas Tree Topper

If you are still having trouble with your topper staying on your tree, you can use some different items to help anchor it to the tree and you won’t even be able to tell.

The first thing I recommend is floral wire. The green floral wire will blend right into the tree and you won’t even notice that it is tied onto the branches of the tree.

The nice thing about floral wire is that it doesn’t cost a whole lot (I recommend this inexpensive spool of wire)  and it can be used for other craft projects around the house as well.

You can also use a strong twine or jute to keep the topper in place as well. With this you may be able to see parts of the twine but you can easily cover with your garland and ornaments.

All you have to do with the wire or the twin is simply tie it onto the base or cone of the topper in two different spots and allow for enough wire to hang down so that you can tie it onto the branches of the tree.

When tying the wire or twine to the tree go down several branches so that you can make sure you get a secure anchor. You can send the wire through the middle of the tree by the trunk or you can go down the back if no one will see it back there.

Simply, make sure you get a good, secure knot on the branches on each side of the topper so that it stays upright and secure on top of the tree.

As mentioned, you can always use ornaments, garland, or a bow to hide the twine if needed. You probably will not even notice the green floral wire but you can also use decorations to hide that as well.

Even some of the best Christmas tree toppers need a little help every once in awhile especially with real Christmas trees that may not have even top branches.

Christmas Tree Color Schemes

A great way to choose a theme for your Christmas tree is to simply choose a color scheme and just stick with it throughout all the decorations on the tree.

There are lots of different Christmas tree color schemes that you can pick from and they don’t just involve the normal red and green, although that could be a theme you do choose.

10 Christmas Tree Color Scheme Ideas

christmas tree color schemes

*Red and Gold

A red and gold color scheme can look quite elegant or you can keep it more casual if you want. There are plenty of red and gold ornaments that you can buy and then you can add in some all red and all gold ornaments as well. Look for a gold garland or you can even use a red and gold ribbon to decorate your tree instead. Keep the color scheme going with a red or gold tree topper and a red or gold tree skirt.

*Blue and Silver

A blue and silver color scheme is great for a winter or snow themed tree. You can go with a darker blue or you choose a light blue to go with the silver and both would look beautiful. With this color scheme look for decorations that sparkle and shine.

Try to keep the same exact color blue all throughout the decorations on the tree from the silver or blue topper down to the skirt if possible. Of you want you can incorporate two different colors of blue if you are having a hard time with only having one.

*Pink, Purple, and Turquoise

This isn’t your usual Christmas color scheme but it can look very festive and goes with several different types of themed trees. It could be a whimsical theme with bright colors on a white tree or you could go with a candy theme with pink, purple and turquoise colors.

Looking at different ornaments for sale there are plenty of ornaments in these colors that you can find. If you need to do you can add in silver or white as a small accent colors as well.

*All White

With a traditional evergreen tree, an all white theme looks so pretty. You get the green color from the tree and then the contrasting white just looks so pretty and simple. You can find tons of all white decorations and if you want you can even add in some clear ornaments if you want something a little different. A white beaded garland or even a white wired ribbon would be a great addition to the tree.

*Red and Green

As I mentioned you can always stick with the traditional red and green color scheme for your Christmas tree. There is a reason why this theme is so popular because it looks really nice and there are tons of different things you can do with it.

If you want to get unique you can always pick a certain shade of green and a certain shade of red and only use those shades so the tree looks a bit more interesting than all different shades thrown together.

*Red, White, and Blue

Go with an Americana or patriotic theme for your tree and stick with red, white and blue colors. You can find plenty of plain colored ornaments in these colors and you can add the to special ornaments that show a patriotic theme. There are patriotic toppers and tree skirts that you can buy as well to continue with the theme from top to bottom.

*Silver and Gold

Some people think that silver and gold are clashing colors, but they actually do look really luxurious an elegant when put together in the correct way. For this color scheme you will have a wide variety of ornaments to choose from. You can even find plenty of ornaments that have silver and gold together.

If you want to get unique get a frosted tree and the white color on the branches will look great with the shining silver and gold colors.

*Green, Brown and Cream

Go with a natural themed tree with green, brown and cream colors. You can even choose things like pine cones and brown jingle bells to use as ornaments to give your tree that natural look. Add in some cream accents with ribbon tied on the tree or some cream bulb ornaments.

If you are a simple type of person or you love the outdoors this Christmas tree color scheme may be one that you simply love.

*Red and Tan

With a red and tan color scheme you could easily do an old fashioned or primitive style Christmas tree. For the red color you don’t want to use a bright shiny red, but instead more of almost like a muted or burgundy color red. You can find plenty of burlap ornaments with red accents that would work great for the tree. There is also burlap ribbon that would be perfect for a red and tan color scheme for your Christmas tree.

*Colors of the Rainbow

If you are having trouble picking a color scheme because you have so many colors you like, then why not go with all colors of the rainbow? Look for bright colors that will stand out like pink, purple, yellow, bright green, orange, aqua, and red. If you are going with this type of theme you may be better off sticking with one color ornaments  so that your tree doesn’t look too outrageous with all the different colors.

A Christmas tree in all different colored bulb ornaments is a great touch and you can even use a white tree to make the colors pop out even more.


How to Decorate a Small Christmas Tree

decorate small christmas treeJust because you have a small Christmas tree doesn’t mean you can’t make it the best tree ever.

Some people are short on space so they need to have a small tree while other people like the look of a small tree rather a larger one. And I even know some people who have more than one tree and they set up a small tree in a different room or even in one of their kid’s bedrooms.

There are plenty of things that you can do when it comes to decorating a small tree that will make it look absolutely amazing. The key is to utilize the space you do have in the best way possible so that you get the look you want from your tree.

I’ve put together some tips on decorating a small Christmas tree that are sure to help you this holiday season if you have to have a small tree you are decorating.

Tips and Ideas for Decorating a Small Christmas Tree

*Pick a Theme for Your Christmas Tree

Keeping a theme for your tree can make it look look larger and a lot more put together than simply hanging any ornament or garland you have on the thing. Pick a theme that works with the ornaments you already have if you want to save money. (Check out my article on 10 Christmas Tree Theme Ideas).

When you just randomly hang some stuff up on your tree it can look quite messy and actually make your tree look smaller. Plus when you do this you can’t really utilize all the space of the tree because of all the mismatch items and the lack of planning out the tree.

pink colored christmas tree*Choose a Colored Christmas Tree

If you want your little tree to stand out, check out the different colored trees that are available.  One of the most popular colors to choose from is a white tree, which looks great when paired with some colorful Christmas ornaments.

There are also other colors to choose from such as pink, red, purple, light blue, and silver. Since you will have a small tree the colors won’t be too overpowering and look gaudy. Just be sure that when you decorate the tree you decorate in complimentary colors and things aren’t completely clashing with the color of the tree.

*Look for Size Appropriate Decorations

If you have a small Christmas tree, especially a mini tree or a small tabletop tree, make sure you are using size appropriate decorations. You may not be able to use the giant ornaments that you would use on a normal sized tree because they will just be too overwhelming on the tree. If you use ribbon to decorate your tree, look for a thinner one instead of the normal 5 or 6 inch ribbon you usually use.

Using size appropriate decorations also comes in play when you choose a tree topper. Don’t use a large 16 inch topper on your 3 foot Christmas tree. It will just look wrong and it probably won’t even stand up properly. Instead go with a mini Christmas tree topper that only measures 4 or 6 inches in height.

tabletop christmas tree* Tabletop Trees Are Great When Short on Space

If you are short on space in your home, then you may want to choose a tabletop Christmas tree to save some room. With a tabletop tree you can get your tree off the ground and save some ground space so you aren’t completely squished into an area.

You can place your tabletop tree wherever you have some space on an elevated area such as on a coffee table, a side table, a small bookcase or even your kitchen table or counter. Just because you are short on space doesn’t mean you can’t still have your Christmas tree this year.


Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

If you are looking to do something a little different with your Christmas tree this year then why choose one of the Christmas tree theme ideas below. There really are so many different ways that you can decorate your tree and it all depends on your style and what you like for the holidays.

Here are 10 Christmas tree theme ideas to help you get the creative juices flowing this holiday.

red and gold christmas treeRed and Gold Themed Christmas Tree

This is a pretty popular theme for a Christmas tree but you can do lots of different things with this theme to set your tree apart.

Go with soft white lights on the tree and then find shiny and glittering red and gold ornaments of all different sizes. Be sure to include some sparkling bulbs as well as maybe some snowflake ornaments and fun design ornaments.

For the garland you can stick with some plain bead garland or get some gold ribbon and drape it around your tree instead. (Check out our guide on How to Use Ribbon to Decorate a Christmas Tree).

A shiny gold star or a even a red and gold Santa topper would be great for finishing the tree off.

Primitive or Country Themed Christmas Tree

If you like homemade and old fashioned country decorations, then deck your tree out in a primitive or country style theme. With this theme you want to keep things somewhat simple rather than having tons of ornaments and stuff on your tree.

Look for things like felt ornaments as well as make your own handmade ornaments out of wood or plaid or gingham ribbon. Distressed wood ornaments are great for this type of theme. Stars, owls, old fashioned snowmen and jingle bells all can fin into this Christmas theme.

You can keep the garland simple with a strand of cranberries or pip berries or simply omit the garland.

For the topper a rattan star or a metal barn star would fit in perfectly.

Western Christmas Tree Theme

Show your love of all things western and decorate your tree with things like cowboy boots, horseshoes, and cowboy hats.

You can also find some specialty ornaments that would work for a western theme such as horses, cowboy ornaments, and western print ribbons and ornaments.

For the topper of this tree, a metal star would work well to fit into the theme. Or you can get creative and use a cowboy hat you have for the topper.

Let It Snow Themed Christmas Tree

You can find all sorts of snowflake decorations for your Christmas tree. When it comes to this theme you can incorporate some color with some aqua colored ornaments or even a dark navy blue color.

Look for large and small snowflakes that sparkle and shine to hang on the tree. You can then fill in the other spaces with white, silver or blue bulb ornaments with glitter as well as ones without glitter. A silver stand of beads would work well for garland or you can use a silver wired ribbon to wrap it around your tree.

There are a few different snowflake tree toppers that you can choose from to complete the look of your tree. For the tree skirt, keep it simple with a plain white skirt or blanket you can use as a tree skirt.

peacock christmas tree Peacock Christmas Tree Theme

You can have a real elegant and luxurious Christmas tree with a peacock theme. You may be surprised but there are several peacock themed ornaments that you can buy as they are more popular than you may think. There are even peacock tree toppers that would look perfect with this theme.

Keep the ornaments in the color scheme of gold, blue green, and some purple(if you choose). Simple bulb ornaments mixed with peacock themed ornaments can be a great way to accomplish this theme without having to spend a lot of money on new ornaments.

To save even more money you can go to a craft store and find a bulk package of peacock feathers that you can fasten to your tree to stick out from the branches.

For the tree skirt stick with the color scheme and find a blue skirt or a gold one to match the tree.

Beach Theme Christmas Tree

A beach theme for your Christmas tree can be a great way to beat the winter cold or maybe just celebrate that you live on the beach.

There are all kinds of beach themed ornaments and Christmas decor items that you can buy. Look for Santa Claus at the beach as well as pink flamingos, palm trees, beach umbrellas, sand shovels and pails as well as surfing ornaments.

You can even make your own ornaments with clear glass bulbs and some sand put inside of them.

Blue Christmas Tree Theme

Make your Christmas blue this year by decorating your tree in all things blue. Believe it or not navy blue is actually a pretty popular color when it comes to ornaments and Christmas decorations.

You can find all kinds of different ornaments from plain blue bulb ornaments to sparkling blue snowflakes and stars. Keep the lights simple with white lights and if you want you can add in some accents of silver or gold.

There are also blue tree toppers you can buy to keep with the theme.

red and green christmas treeRed and Green Santa Workshop Christmas Tree

When you think of Christmas you most likely think the colors red and green. With this twist you can add red and green ornaments as well as things you would see in Santa’s workshop likes some elf ornaments as well as things like teddy bears and toys. You can even make your own sign that says “Santa’s Workshop” and hang it in the middle of the tree.

You can use any kind of garland you want that fits the color scheme but you could always look for green and red mesh and use both of them to wrap around your tree. You can even add in some candy canes to your tree to fill in some of the spots.

Look for a Santa Claus topper to complete the look of this tree.

Whimsical Colored Christmas Tree Theme

Instead of opting for the normal red and green like the theme mentioned above, go with  whimsical colors like purple, pink, aquamarine and lime green. Looking online there are plenty of ornaments in these colors that you can use for your tree. You can find plain bulb ornaments as well as ones that have glitter on them. There are even some ornaments with fun patterns and designs such as chevron, polka dots and stripes.

With this theme you can stick with the normal green tree or get a little creative and use a white Christmas tree. A white Christmas tree will really let the colors from the ornaments stand out.

Look for a tree skirt that is colorful and fun as well as a cool tree topper that fits into your color scheme.

elegant gold christmas treeElegant Gold Christmas Tree Theme

If you are looking for a way to decorate your tree in an elegant way and want more of a classic look then go with an all gold theme.  This can be a great way to make your tree look very elegant and sophisticated if it is done properly.

Try to avoid gaudy ornaments and instead stick with simple bulbs and ornamental shapes with some sparkle and glitter to them. For the garland you can’t go wrong with a gold wired edge ribbon tied across your your tree.

For the tree topper use a nice gold star or a gold angel topper if you prefer. With this theme you don’t want to overload your tree as you should keep it simple and not overly stuffed with ornaments.

You could also do this theme with silver if you prefer as well.


How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Ribbon

Instead of opting for the usual garland strands, why not try ribbon to decorate your tree with this year? You can design of ribbon and it will add some color, texture and elegance to your tree.

There are a few different ways that you can use ribbon to decorate your Christmas tree. There is a simple way of just wrapping it around the tree in layers and then you have more intricate designs you can do as well.

Check out two different ways on how to decorate your Christmas tree with ribbon.

decorate christmas tree with ribbonHow to Criss Cross Ribbon On a Tree

Crisscrossing your ribbon all across your tree can be a great way to decorate your tree without spending a lot of money and still having it look like it was professionally decorated. Best of all it is not that hard at all to do this on your own tree at home.

You will need wired ribbon as it works the best for perfect placement and keeping the ribbon from falling into the branches too much. The ribbon works best when it is 3-4 inches wide. You will also scissors and some kind of wire such as flower wire or you can even use small twist ties if you already have them.

First, you need to cut strips of your ribbon twice the length of your tree. How many ribbon strips you will need will depend on how round your tree is as well as how much ribbon you want on the tree. For an average size tree around 6 or 8 ribbon strips should be enough (you need an even amount).

Gather all the ribbon strips and tie them together at the top, making sure that the pattern side or the good side of the ribbon is facing outwards. Place the gathered ribbon on top of the tree right underneath where you would put your tree topper. Use some wire to secure it to your tree and sort of hide the end of the ribbons in the branches. Drape each ribbon all the way down the tree so they are facing the correct way.

Take two ribbon pieces that are right next to each other and cross them around a foot down from the top of the tree. If you have a smaller tree you can do it around 8 inches down instead.

Then take the two pieces of ribbon and simply twist them around twice. The wired edge of the ribbon will work to keep the crisscross in place. Do this with all the other strips of ribbon so the first crosses are made all around the tree.

For the next row of crisscrosses you need to take one strip and cross it with another strip that is in a different first cross area. So for example, strip number one was crossed with number two in the first row and in the second row strip number two would be crossed with strip number three.

Continue doing this with all the other rows until you get to the bottom of the tree. When you get to the bottom you can cut off the excess ribbon or do a final crisscross to complete the look.


 Decorate the Christmas Tree with Wide Ribbon

Another way that you can use ribbon to decorate your Christmas tree is with the wide ribbon or mesh. This isn’t the regular ribbon you see in the ribbon aisle but you can usually find it near the floral supplies. Although you could use wide ribbon that is at least 5-6 inches wide if you can’t find the mesh or floral stuff.

Check out this video tutorial on how to decorate your Christmas tree with wide ribbon or mesh. With this tree they even add in some smaller ribbon for a great effect as well.


5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Looking for something unique this year for your Christmas tree? There are so many different ways that you can decorate your tree that the possibilities are really endless.

I have included a guide below for 5 unique ways to decorate your Christmas tree. This will help to give you ideas and then you can add your own personal touch to the ideas to make them your own.

santa claus treeSanta Claus Tree

Make your Christmas tree look just like Santa Claus this year. You start by wrapping clear lights on your tree or you can use a pre-lit tree that has clear or white lights. Then take some bright red mesh and wrap it completely around your tree. You will still be able to see the lights shine under the mesh and it will give off that soft hint of sparkle and light.

Use white feathers or make your own topper and bottom decoration using white felt. Shape the topper so it looks like the point on Santa’s hat. Then use the rest of the white material to wrap around the last bit of the bottom of the tree.

Add in a few red sparkle ornaments throughout the tree to add some more interest to the area. Then take a large black leather belt with a gold buckle and wrap it around your tree in the middle to top half of the tree.

Lastly, use a plain black Christmas tree skirt to look just like Santa’s black boots. You can use a blanket that you cut out yourself to fit around your tree or you can find a black felt piece large enough to wrap around your tree.

 Patriotic Christmas Tree

Show your patriotism with a red, white and blue Christmas tree. This tree isn’t hard to do as you can find plenty of ornaments in red, white and blue. You can also add in some gold for a little accent color and for sparkle as well.

With this type of tree you can choose to keep it elegant with glass ornaments and acrylic ornaments or you can take it to more of a country or old fashioned style and choose homemade ornaments along with ribbons and felts.

Another nice added touch are star ornaments as well as a gold star tree topper or you can even find a red, white and blue star topper. For the tree skirt, keep the patriotic colors going and opt for something simple with stars or even one that looks like the American flag.

Snowman Christmas Tree

For a snowman Christmas tree you can use a normal evergreen tree or try something a little different and get a white tree. If you are going to use a regular green tree then you may want to consider wrapping it white mesh or at least putting some white fluffy garland around the tree.

For the snowman buttons use three or four black ornaments that are hung right in the middle. Wrap a red scarf around the top of the tree because all snowman need a scarf.

Then for the topper, you can get a snowman head topper that looks perfect as the top head of the snowman. For the snowman’s arms, branches would work sticking out of the tree and then you can place some red mittens on the end of the branches.

To finish off the tree, you can use a white tree skirt to cover the bottom of the tree. You can also choose to hang a few sparkly snowflake ornaments in a few different spots to make your snowman glisten.

let it snow christmas treeLet It Snow Christmas Tree

A let it snow Christmas tree can be simply breathtaking. When I think of snow I think of glistening snowflakes along with some light blue colors mixed in.

At the top of the tree you could use a shining snowflake topper to really make the theme of the tree. Then use bright white lights to make it shine. For the garland you can use a small silver beaded garland or even some silver or white ribbon.

The ornaments are really what make the tree special. Look for big snowflakes with glitter along with plain shiny blue bulbs to add as an accent color. You can also add in some plain colored white bulbs as well as silver.

For the tree skirt you can keep it simple with a plain white one or you could look for a white one with snowflakes or a silver one as any of these would work well with this idea.

Bright Colorful Christmas Tree

Make your Christmas tree the main attraction and include all kinds of colors of the rainbow or stick with a few of your favorite colors. For example you could do a tree in pink, purple, and aqua colors. The key is to keep things bright and colorful.

Use multi colored lights or if your are going for certain colors only look for lights in one of the colors or you can stick with white ligths and use color with the ornaments.

For the ornaments look for all kinds of bulbs and unique shaped ornaments in different colors. I know that most stores have plenty of ornaments in colors like pink, purple, lime green, navy blue, red, aquamarine, and even yellow.

One idea that you could do is to do a rainbow of colors starting at the top with one color and as you go down the tree you fade into the other colors just like  a rainbow. For example, maybe at the top of the tree you have pink and then by the time you get to the bottom all the ornaments are blue.

To finish off the tree, look for a multi colored tree topper and a colorful matching tree skirt.

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for unique ways you can decorate your Christmas tree this year.

When To Put Up the Christmas Tree?

when to put up christmas treeWhen it comes to the question of when to put up the Christmas tree, there really is no right or wrong answer. The most common tradition though, is to wait till after Thanksgiving to put up your Christmas tree.

If you were to ask a thousand people when they put up their Christmas tree you would probably get answers that range from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. You may even find some people who put up their Christmas tree before Thanksgiving.

A Look at Different Traditions of Setting Up Your Christmas Tree

If you are looking for the perfect date to put your tree this holiday season you are only going to find it by looking at what works best for you and your family.

In our family we have the tradition of putting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving, but for some people this may not work because they are out of town, working, or maybe that is just too early for them to celebrate Christmas. The weekend after Thanksgiving is also a very popular time for setting up the tree.

Another popular tradition is to put the tree up on December 1st as a lot of people consider the first day of December the start of the Christmas season. This may be an option for you if you can stand having your tree up for over 3 weeks and you are ready to put it up at that point.

Then you have the people who randomly pick a certain day they have free a few weeks before Christmas and make that the day to decorate their Christmas tree. Or some people have a certain day they do it ever year but the day really isn’t significant to anyone else but them. For example, I know someone who always puts their tree up on December 11 because it is a nice and even 2 exact weeks til Christmas day.

Lastly, you have the tradition of putting up your actual tree or buying a real one a week or two before Christmas but not decorating it until Christmas Eve. This is actually a pretty common tradition even though it may sound silly to some people to have an undecorated Christmas tree in your home for over a week or so.

It has just recently become popular to put up your tree weeks before Christmas instead of on Christmas Eve. If you were to ask some people of the older generation in their 70’s and older you would probably find that most of them as a kid didn’t put up their tree until Christmas Eve.

My answer to when to put up the Christmas tree is whenever you want (within reason). If you want to put it up the day after Thanksgiving, then go ahead and start that tradition with your family. Or choose a day anytime in December that sounds good to you.

Of course when you do decide when to put up your Christmas tree, do keep in mind that a live tree is going to be different than an artificial one. With an artificial one you can put it up whenever you please but if you buy a real one for your home it will only last so long so keep and you will be picking up pine needles all the time so keep that in mind if you plan on getting it early.

When do you put up your Christmas tree?