Red White and Blue Christmas Tree Toppers for Your Patriotic Christmas Tree

If you have a patriotic themed Christmas tree or you are simply just looking for a red, white, and blue Christmas tree topper you may actually be pleasantly surprised to find the different options available this year.

Having a patriotic or red, white, and blue themed tree is actually getting pretty popular but is still seen as a unique twist on showing love for your country and celebrating the holidays.

Here are some great toppers to choose from that would fit in perfect with this style of Christmas tree.

Red, White and Blue Bow Christmas Tree Toppers

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These bow toppers have the perfect balance of red, white, and blue that would look great with a patriotic themed tree but also with a wintry snow theme or even a blue themed Christmas tree.

The thing that I really like about these toppers are that they are ones that you don’t see all the time. The bows are handmade and don’t have that mass production look that most other toppers have.

They are definitely unique and some of the sellers will even custom make a topper with different ribbons mixed in if you are interested in that as well.

Patriotic Red, White and Blue Christmas Tree Toppers

If you are looking for something a little more on the patriotic side for your tree, be sure to check out the options below. These would fit in perfect with any patriotic or Americana styled Christmas tree but could also even work with some other themes as well.

Primitive Rusty Tin Americana Star Tree TopperMore InfoAmericana Patriotic Star Tree TopperMore InfoRed, White & Blue Stained Glass Star TopperMore InfoPatriotic Star Wood Tree TopperMore Info

With the stained glass and wooden star topper above you can also find other color combinations for the toppers or have it adjusted to your liking with a custom order.

Although the red, white, and blue toppers above would be perfect for a patriotic themed Christmas tree most of them are definitely not limited to just that theme. Some could work with a primitive or country theme while other would work great with a general Christmas style tree as well.

Whether you choose the fun and whimsical bow toppers or you go with something more classic or nostalgic for your tree, you are sure to love the red, white, and blue Christmas tree toppers as you show off the love of your country as well as celebrate such a wonderful season of love and family.

Be sure to check out some of my other unique Christmas tree topper ideas as well.


Personalized Christmas Tree Toppers

Want a tree topper that is really unique and will make your Christmas tree really stand out? Then you need to check out these beautiful personalized Christmas tree toppers.

These toppers come in a variety of different styles and designs and most you can choose what you want personalized on them from a simply monogram to your entire family name.

A personalized Christmas tree topper makes a really special gift during the holidays especially for newlywed couples who may be celebrating their first Christmas married or even for your parents who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

Check out all the wonderful personalized tree toppers to choose from below and pick one up for your tree or give one as a gift to loved ones this holiday season.

Personalized Christmas Tree Topper with Monogram

These monogrammed Christmas tree toppers are perfect for the top of your tree. Most of them can even be personalized with your favorite colors to perfectly match your Christmas tree.

Bow Tree Topper with Handpainted Wood Initial

This topper features a bow made out of ribbon at the top with a hanging wood initial.

You can pick the colors of your ribbon as well as what color you want the letter to be painted as well. The above picture is just an idea of what it will look like but you defninitely have a variety of choices with the colors you choose.


Personalized Bow Christmas Tree TopperPersonalized Bow Christmas Tree Topper

This bow would be perfect for your large Christmas tree as the bow measures approximately 13 inches not counting the ribbons coming down the tree.  The tree topper features a beautiful burlap and plaid bow accented with a hand painted wood monogrammed letter.

The extra long length of the streamers from the bow really draw attention to the topper and accentuate the personal touch of the letter at the top.

There are also other options available for the color of the ribbon and the color you can paint the letter.

Here are a few more Christmas tree toppers with a monogram that can also be customized with the letters as well as the colors.

There are also personalized tree toppers that simply just feature a single monogram letter for the top of your tree without the attached bow. You can use these toppers as they are or add your own ribbon or special touch to make them unique to your tree.

Glitter Monogram Tree Topper

This monogram tree topper is available in turquoise, silver, gold, green, and red.

It measures 13 inches but there are also smaller sizes available if you have a smaller tree.


Vine Monogram Tree TopperVine Monogram Tree Topper

This monogram topper measures 12 inches and is a vine style with more of a script print that adds a little more flair.

You can choose your letter as well as from the different color choices of red, gold, silver, and white.

Any of these Christmas tree toppers would be perfect for the top of the tree but you can also use them other places in your home as well. For example you could use the simple single letter monograms to decorate your mantle along with some other Christmas decor items.

More Personalized Tree Topper Ideas

Here are more choices for a personalized tree topper that are a little different than the simple initial tree toppers above.

Personalized Star Tree Topper

Personalized Star Christmas Tree TopperPersonalized Star Christmas Tree Topper

This is a super fun and festive personalized  topper that features a colorful star paired with a coordinating bow.

The star is made from MDF which makes it durable and stable but not too heavy for the top of the tree.

It is then handpainted with acrylic paint and personalized with your letter of choice.

You can also choose to not include the bow and just have the star if you want as well. The colors on the star can also be customized as well if you want something a bit different.

Personalized Wooden Christmas Tree TopperPersonalized Wooden Christmas Tree Topper

This topper is made from laser cut birch wood that is designed for your family’s monograms. This is the perfect topper for a newly married couple and even makes a nice wedding gift for them.

You can customize the the topper with the order of the letters as well as choose from over 40 different paint colors.

It measures approximately 9-10 inches but can also be special ordered in another size as well.

Personalized Deer Antler Christmas Tree Topper

Personalized Deer Antler Tree TopperPersonalized Deer Antler Tree Topper

This is a super unique Christmas tree topper that is fully customizable for your own personal taste.

You can have it customized with a name (seen above), a single initial or even a 3 letter monogram.

It is made out of a 1⁄4 inch birch wood and then stained on the front and the back to protect the wood.

There are multiple color stains and well as paint colors that you can choose from so that it matches your tree.

The topper measures approximately 8 1⁄2 by 11 inches but you can work with the seller for a customized size as well.

Simple DIY: How to Make a Personalized Christmas Tree Topper

If you want to save some money or you just enjoy making your own Christmas decor, you can easily make your own personalized Christmas tree topper.

All you have to do is to buy a single monogram letter and decorate it as your please.

wood letter monogramI recommend a cardboard or paper mache letter and then you can paint or add glitter to it so that it matches your tree. You can usually pick up one of these letters that measures 8-9 inches for around $5-$6.

You can also go with something a bit more expensive but more durable and buy a wood monogram letter and then paint it or add embellishments as you want. These letters will cost you around $12-$15 depending on the size.

You can use paint, stain, and even glitter to cover the wood and then you can add some ribbon to help you hang it or even add in some cute accents to match the theme of your tree.

If you are really crafty you can even make these as gifts for your friends and family this Christmas.

If you aren’t really crafty or you simply don’t have the time before Christmas, the already made personalized Christmas tree toppers above will work great and really make your Christmas tree special this year.

Burlap Bow Christmas Tree Toppers

A burlap bow Christmas tree topper gives your tree a unique look as well as fits in perfect with a primitive or rustic themed Christmas tree.

You don’t usually see that a lot of Christmas trees with a handmade big, bow at the top and having one made out of a natural colored burlap is even more unique.

Burlap has always been a pretty classic material to use in decorating in things like rustic and primitive styles, but it has become even more trendy with fun prints and “natural” style Christmas trees.

There are several different options when it comes to burlap bow toppers as you can choose a traditional natrual burlap or go with something really unique and get a patterned burlap bow topper.

Natural Burlap Bow Tree Toppers

Burlap Bow Tree TopperNatural Burlap Bow Topper

These are great if you just want a simple burlap tree topper to go with a rustic or primitive style tree. The bow adds a special touch but it does keep it simple with the natural burlap instead of adding other ribbons or colors to the topper.

As you can see there are different types of bows that you can choose from depending on which style you like the best. Some toppers will even have longer tails that go down the tree as shown in the first tree topper above.

Burlap Bow with Ribbon Christmas Tree Toppers

These are slightly different in that these bow toppers are made with burlap material as well as other ribbon or fabric mixed in to give it more color and style.

Red Ribbon and Burlap Tree TopperTan and Red Burlap Tree TopperBurlap and Chevron tree topperLeopard and burlap tree topper bow

Some people like the addition of the color along with the burlap to make the topper stand out a little more on top of the tree.

Red Burlap Christmas Tree Topper Bow

Another option is to go with an all red burlap ribbon for the top of your Christmas tree. This looks really nice with both rustic or older fashioned trees as well as more modern trees as well.

There are really are so many great ways to include a red burlap topper on your tree. You could do a red and white themed tree as well as a primitive themed tree or even a nature theme with red berries and pine cones.

Patterned Burlap Bows for Christmas Tree Toppers

Nowadays burlap has become quite trendy when it comes to decorating so you can find all kinds of unique and cool patterned burlap ribbons. There are some really beautiful and fun bow toppers that use all kinds of patterned burlap to really make a statement on the tree.

Merry Christmas Multi-Colored Snowflake Layered Tree Topper BowBurlap Plaid Snowflake Tree TopperRed Green Glitter Stripe Burlap Christmas Bow  TopperRed and Tan Burlap Christmas Bow

As you can see you get all kinds of different styles and looks when you incorporate different patterned burlap into your tree topper.

For any  more specific information about the size of the tree topper as well as any customization you may want done, click on the picture of the topper to learn more about it.

How To Make a Burlap Bow Christmas Tree Topper Tutorial

If you are pretty crafty and interested in making your own burlap bow for your Christmas tree topper, there are several tutorials that you can find online depending on what style bow you want for the top of the tree.

Some people prefer using actual yards of burlap to make a really big bow while other people use a burlap ribbon instead. If you choose to use the natural burlap ribbon you may want to consider a fire resistant spray as burlap is highly flammable.

The first thing you need to do is to pick out your burlap ribbon (or you can use actual burlap if you don’t mind a few extra steps).

Then, follow this great how-to tutorial on making a big tree topper bow.

Whether you buy your burlap Christmas tree topper bow or you decide to make your own, this topper can make your tree stand out and be one-of-a-kind this holiday season.

Unique Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

If you are looking for something unique for the top of your Christmas tree, then I have a few different ideas for you.

It can be fun having something different for a Christmas tree topper and not having your tree look just like everyone else’s tree.

Here are a few different unique Christmas tree topper ideas to give you some inspiration for your tree this year.

Snowman Tree Hugger Topper


Give your Christmas tree a hug from a friendly snowman with this unique topper. This topper features the head of a cheerful snowman as well as his arms and a long scarf that hangs down. When placed on top of your tree, the snowman appears like he is hugging the top of your tree with his arms wrapped around the top.

The snowman measures 13 inches tall and his arms are 20 inches around. The scarf around his neck measures 45 inches tall.

This topper would also me adorable with a white Christmas tree and you can then decorate the tree to look like the rest of the snowman’s body.

If you like the look of the snowman hugger topper, check out this snowman hugger Christmas decoration as well as it can also be used as a Christmas tree topper as well.

With this decoration all you would need to do is to pose the arms of the snowman around the top of your tree to use it as a topper. You may have to use a zip tie or wire to help it stay in place but it shouldn’t take much.

You can check out this snowman hugger at Amazon for more information.

Rotating Santa with Sleigh Christmas Tree Topper


Santa and his reindeer will be making the trip around your Christmas tree with this rotating Christmas tree topper. Santa and his sleigh are attached to a spring that is attached to the illuminated Christmas star on the top of the tree. When turned on, Santa will rotate around on the spring so it looks like he is flying around the tree.

Not only is the fact that the topper moves unique, but the intricate details on the reindeer and sleigh are definitely a beautiful sight. Each of the sides of the reindeer’s saddles features a different Thomas Kinkade holiday classic scene.

The sleigh and the reindeer measure 8 inches long, while the star is 6 inches in height.

Christmas Angel Bear Tree Topper




How adorable would this Christmas angel bear look sitting on top of your Christmas tree this year? This topper features a little angelic bear all decked out in her red, white, and green Christmas attire. She even has white wings that feature a cute green swirling pattern.

The topper measures 12 inches tall. This topper would be great for a family with young kids or just for someone who loves teddy bears. If you aren’t sure about this unique topper for your tree, then you can always use it as a mantle decoration or a shelf decoration for Christmas as well.

Red Lighted Bow Tree Topper


Not a lot of people have a big red light up bow on the top of their Christmas tree, but this topper can really be a show stopper on your tree. The topper has 20 lights that make it glow. It’s a great finishing touch on a Christmas tree and go with so many different themes.

The topper measures 14 inches tall. It easily attaches to the top of the tree with an attached cone in the back that is barely visible when all light up.

Angel Dog Christmas Tree Topper


Dog lovers will love this Christmas tree topper featuring a yellow Labrador Christmas angel. The angel is wearing a white and gold silk gown along with gold silk wings and is even complete with a golden halo over her head. But, this is not your average angel as it is actually a dog instead of a human face.

The topper measures 11 inches tall and would be great for a special memory of a pet or just for a dog lover who wants something fun for their Christmas tree this year.

There is also a black Labrador retriever angel topper available as well.

Snowman Head Christmas Tree Topper

RAZ Imports - Exclusive - Holly and Houndstooth - 15


Build your own Christmas tree snowman with this cool snowman head tree topper. This would work great if you have a snowman themed Christmas tree or if you have a white tree that you want to turn into a huge snowman.

This is a quite large snowman head as it measures over 15 inches high and is 10 inches in diameter.

The green and red hounds-tooth patterned scarf adds a bit of fun and flair while the red top hat finishes off the design.

Unlike some other snowman head toppers this is a well made, quality one that will stay on the top of the tree.

This snowman head topper can even be used to decorate a shelf or a table instead of on your tree.

Elf Hat Christmas Tree Topper

Christmas Holiday Elf Hat Tree Topper


This is another great unique tree topper idea for Christmas. This would look especially cute on a kid’s Christmas tree or you can even use it to decorate your fireplace mantle.

This red and green elf hat is just one of the several I have come across as there are others available in other patterns like red and white striped as well.

It is actually larger than most of the other toppers as it measures 19 inches tall and is 9 inches in diameter.

Just like the snowman head you could easily use the elf hat to turn your tree into a fun and festive elf getting read for Santa’s arrival. Of course you don’t need to turn your whole tree into the elf as the topper also goes great with a red and green whimsical and Santa theme as well.

You can even use it to decorate your fireplace mantle or an entryway bench for a fun North Pole touch.

Whimsical Green and Red Bow Tree Topper



Your tree will look just like a professional decorating came in to decorate your tree with this beautiful and whimsical Christmas bow tree topper.

This is definitely not a topper you would find at your local discount store as it is handmade and has such a great modern touch to it.

The topper features red and lime green ribbon with glitter as well as other fun glitter accents such as the glittering floral picks that really add to the interest of the topper.

Since it is custom made you can even change it up a bit with a different ribbon or a different type of accent as well.
These are just some of the great unique Christmas tree toppers that you can choose for your tree this year.Y

You can even find some really unique toppers at, where most are handmade and can even be customized to perfectly fit your tree.

Holy Family Nativity Scene Christmas Tree Topper

Holy Family with Star Christmas Tree Topper


This Holy Family tree topper is absolutely stunning and something that you definitely won’t see on anyone else’s tree this year.

It is made of a high quality resin material that is intricately designed. There is Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus in the stable with a gold star that shines above them.

This topper is definitely not designed for only miniature Christmas trees (as a lot of other nativity scene toppers out there) as it can be used on a tree up to 9 feet tall.

It measures 12 inches tall and is 8 inches wide. The topper comes with the Shepherd’s Staff for easy and secure installation on the tree.


Small Christmas Tree Toppers

If you have a small or mini Christmas tree and you are looking for the right size topper that won’t topple your tree over, I have some great topper ideas for you.

Most tree toppers are at least approximately 7 – 10 inches tall and that is usually too large for a table top Christmas tree or just a very small Christmas tree.

There are other choices though as a 4 inch topper may be just right for your tree while some other people may be able to use up to a 6 inch topper depending on how large your tree actually is.

Here are some great small Christmas tree toppers you can choose from for your beautiful tree this year.

4″ Gold Glitter Star Tree Topper



This gold glitter star Christmas tree topper measures 4″ and is a great size for a small or mini tree. It is made by Kurt Adler and even though it is small it is a great topper that definitely will stand out.

It easily attaches to the top of the tree with the attached cone that is actually empty all the way up through the star so you don’t have to worry about it falling off the top of the tree. It does have a double sided design so it sparkles and glitters from every view of the topper. This would be great for a more elegant themed tree as well as a gold themed Christmas tree.


4″ Red Glitter Star Christmas Tree Topper


This tree topper is the same Kurt Adler glitter star topper right above but this one is done in a brilliant red glitter. It measures 4″ and has the hollow cone attachment for easy attaching to your Christmas tree.

This topper is great if you really want your topper to stand out on your little tree or can be really nice on a white and red themed Christmas tree. This is another great choice for a small tree topper that really makes your tree festive.


6″ Gold Wire Star Tree Topper


This star topper is slightly larger at 6 1/4″ tall but is still a great option for a smaller Christmas tree. At just barely over 6 inches tall the star is still small enough for shorter or more compact trees were you don’t have to worry the tree will fall over or the topper will just be too large for the look of the tree.

The topper is made of a gold wire as as well as an iridescent material that finishes off the look the star. It easily attaches to the top of the tree with the matching gold wire spring cone. It is a double sided design so it does look the same from both the front and the back.


6″ Metal Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper


This is a hand made unique Christmas tree topper that is the perfect size for a small or miniature Christmas tree. It measures 6″ and comes with an attached metal spiral cone for easily placing on your tree.

The whole topper is made of metal but is decorated with white glitter so it really does sparkle on top of the tree. This is a unique topper since you usually don’t see that  many snowflake toppers and could be a great way for your little tree to stand out this holiday season.


5″ White Iridescent Glitter Snowflake Tree Topper


This is a smaller glitter snowflake topper that measures approximately 5.25″. The snowflake is drenched in sparkling glitter that really adds to the topper and makes it a little nicer for a smaller tree. There is an attached spiral cone base to easily attach to the top of your tree to ensure it stays put.

This topper would be nice for a really small or miniature tree and could even be used for a small table top tree since it only comes in around 5 inches.


Just because you have a small Christmas tree doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful tree topper to make it sparkle and shine.


Christmas Tree Topper for Outdoors

If you have trees outside that you decorate for your Christmas you are going to need a tree topper for the outdoors as a lot of toppers are for inside use only.

Check out some of the Christmas tree topper for outdoors that are available.

This is a fun and festive topper that can be used outdoors as well as indoors. You don’t see a lot of Christmas trees with a red bow as the topper but we all know how much we love big red bows during Christmas time.

The bow has 20 lights that make it shine. There is a 36 inch lead wire to be able to plug the topper in.

The bow topper measures 14 inches tall. The topper is a great height for an outdoor Christmas tree, but you can also use it as a stand-alone decoration outside and inside as well.




This pretty light up star can be used as a tree topper outdoors as well as a pathway marker for your driveway or walkway.

The star has clear bulbs that make it shine in the dark and you can even set it to twinkle lights as well as solid lights. It comes with a 66 inch white lead cord for easily plugging in.

The star measures 14 inches and has a double sided design so you don’t have to worry about it looking funny from behind the tree. The stars are great for outdoor trees as well as using them to light up your yard. If one of the bulbs burns out the rest will stay lit.



Just like the star topper above, this snowflake topper can be used for an outdoor tree as well as used as a pathway marker for your driveway or yard. You can even hang the snowflake as a decoration with the included cord.

The snowflake measures 15 inches and has clear twinkling lights. There are 35 mini bulbs that make this topper really stand out and shine.

Some of the lights on the snowflake will twinkle to make the it appear that it is shimmering or sparkling in the night. If one of the bulbs burns out it will not make the rest of the lights go out.

It is a double sided design so you can place the topper where you like outdoors.




Santa Tree Toppers

There are lots of different Santa Claus tree toppers to choose from. There are the old fashioned or old world Santa Claus toppers as well as the festive and fun looking Santa. Check out all the different Santa Christmas tree toppers below.

Be sure to check out the fun characters Santa tree toppers below as well.

Santa Christmas Tree Toppers


This Santa topper would be perfect for an outdoorsy theme or even a primitive theme for your Christmas tree.

The topper features a full length Santa in his burgundy and gold robe that features fur accents on the bottom as well as on his Santa hat. He is carrying a garland of evergreen with ornaments and ribbon decorating it. Of course his long white beard and bushy eyebrows are on display as well.

It is even pre-lit with 10 lights that really draw attention to the topper.

This is a pretty large topper  at 10 inches tall and would look appropriate for an average size Christmas tree.

Since the topper easily sits on top of the tree with the plastic cone under the bottom part of Santa’s robe this topper can also be a freestanding decoration on a mantle or shelf as well.


Old World Glass Blown Santa Topper


If you are looking for an old fashioned Santa topper then you have found the perfect topper for your tree.

This topper has that old traditional style that you would have seen on Christmas trees back years and years ago.

It features a fun winking Santa on top of the finial ornament covered in gold glitter accents.

This is completely mouth- blown glass that is then hand painted and isn’t just mass produced on a line.  This old world Santa topper features handcrafted styling and quality materials that you don’t always find in a tree topper.


Santa and Sleigh Rotating Tree Topper


If you want something unique and different for your tree then you definitely need this flying Santa with reindeer tree topper.  Santa in his sleigh actually goes around the top of your Christmas tree  and appears like he is flying with his reindeer leading the way.

Eight reindeer are attached to Santa’s big red sleigh, which is filled with gifts. The topper will take Santa and his reindeer in a clockwise motion around the other area of the top of your tree. You can even add another topper to the tree and it will rotate along with Santa and his sleigh.

The topper measures approximately 20 inches long and is definitely large enough to be the main attraction on even larger trees.

Not only will you love the way that the topper flies around your tree but the details are beautiful as well. There is glitter accents to the reindeer as well as Santa and his sleigh.

The attention to detail on the topper is exquisite and you really will not find another item like this.

Kids will absolutely love this topper and anyone who comes to visit your home will be awe of the flying Santa.

It comes with instructions on how to easily set it up as well as a video you can watch to go step by step, which is not that hard at all.

LED Fiber Optic Santa Claus Tree Topper


Want a Santa for your tree that really shines? Love fiber optic Christmas decorations?

Then this topper may be the perfect finishing touch to your tree this year.

It measures 12 inches tall and comes with plenty of LED fiber optic lights to make Santa light up either on top of your tree on your table or mantle.

Santa is dressed in his typical red and white fur trimmed coat with his matching cap. He is also holding his own decorations for the season with the evergreen and berry branches in his arms.

This works great for more of a traditional Santa with a classic style.

Santa Mickey Christmas Tree Topper

Mickey Mouse Santa Tree Topper


Have a holly jolly Christmas tree with this simply adorable Mickey Mouse Santa topper.

This character topper is perfect for any families who have kids or grand kids and want something special for the top of their tree.

Mickey is dressed up exactly like Santa and is even holding some candy canes. The arms on the topper are bendable so you can style them as you please.

The topper measures 10 inches tall so although it is not huge it would work well for an average size or slightly smaller tree.

But Mickey Mouse isn’t  the only fun character who wants to dress up as Santa.

Star Wars Yoda Santa Tree Topper

Kurt Adler Classic Yoda Table Piece/Treetop Figurine, 10-Inch


This is similiar to the Mickey topper above as Yoda is dressed up just like Santa and ready to give you some presents for Christmas.

This topper also measures 10 inches tall and the arms are bendable as well.

This Santa Yoda decoration is not only great for a Star Wars fan’s Christmas tree but it can even be used to decorate a mantle or table for the holidays as well.

A Santa tree topper is a great way to really finish off your Christmas tree and keep in the believing aspect of the holiday. Kids love Santa but so do adults!

Lighted Bow Christmas Tree Topper


This is a beautiful lighted red bow topper that would be the main attraction on any Christmas tree.

The bow topper measures 14 inches tall. It has 20 white lights throughout the bow that make it light up for all to see.

The nice thing about this bow is that it can be used indoors as well as outdoors, so you can use it to decorate an evergreen tree you have in your yard as well.

There is a cone on the back of the bow that easily slides over the top of the Christmas tree to secure the topper on the top of the tree. The ends of the bow are meant to hang down slightly onto the front of the tree which makes for a real nice look.

Buying this topper can be a great way to change up your tree and get something different and unique but still has that classic Christmas theme.



This is another beautiful lighted bow tree topper that can also be used indoors as well as outdoors.

The bow is made to look just like tinsel with the glitter and sparkle coming from the topper.

This topper measures 14 inches tall and also has a cone on the back to secure it to the top of the tree. There are 20 lights that are throughout the topper that light up. There is a 36 inch lead wire that to plug in the topper.

This topper could be a great addition to an elegant Christmas tree with the silver glitter and the shining lights it is sure to get you tons of compliments on your Christmas tree.




This is something different than it’s not actually a bow, but it is actually LED ribbon lights that you can use to make your own bow for the top of your Christmas tree.

You can see the white colored ribbon above but you can also choose from blue, green, red, and even a super fun rainbow multi-colored ribbon.

You can tie and string up the ribbon and the lights will not break. They are also cool to the touch so you can use it on your Christmas tree or on other Christmas decorations as well.

Each strand of ribbon lights come with 18 feet of lights and a total of 22 feet all together.

These are super cool and something that you definitely won’t see on everyone else’s Christmas tree.



Peanuts Christmas Tree Topper Featuring Snoopy

If you love Snoopy and the gang you are going to love this Peanuts Christmas tree topper featuring Snoopy and his best friend Woodstock.

This is an officially licensed Peanuts tree topper. The topper lights up and even comes with 4 replacement bulbs. The topper measures 9 inches high and comes with an attached metal cone to easily secure it to your tree.

Snoopy is wearing his Santa hat on the topper and has a green scarf wrapped around his neck at the bottom. He is giving off his famous grin. Then you have his little yellow bird friend Woodstock peeking out from behind him smiling.

The topper has a silver plated finish and also features some glittery finish areas to make it shine even more.

This Snoopy topper would be great for a family who has kids or for any adult who may simply love Snoopy and Peanuts. You could even give this as a Christmas gift to a friend or family member who loves Snoopy and I bet they would absolutely love it.



You can even make your very own Peanuts or Snoopy themed Christmas tree with this topper.  There are so many great Peanuts Christmas tree ornaments that you can add along to the topper to have your very own themed tree.

There are Snoopy ornaments as well as the whole cast of Peanuts of course including Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, Linus, Peppermint Patty, and Woodstock.

Check out some of these awesome ornaments below.

Santa Hat Tree Topper

Your Christmas tree will look so festive this holiday wit a Santa hat tree topper. This topper would be great on a kid’s Christmas tree as well as one that looks just like Santa Claus.

The topper measures 12 inches high and comes pre-lit with clear lights. There are 10 mini bulbs that light this topper up and best of all the fabric is embellished with small little crystals that reflect the light when it is on so that it looks stunning on top of your tree reflecting all the different lights.

The topper comes with replacement bulbs and if one burns out the rest will stay lit. This topper is made only for indoor use so you can’t use it on a tree you may decorate outside like Santa.

Be a little different this year and believe in Santa with this Santa hat Christmas tree topper. It’s fun. It’s festive and you will get lots of compliments on having something different top your tree.

*If you plan on making a Santa tree this year, then check out my post on unique ways to decorate your tree in which I give you great ideas to turn your tree into Santa himself.