Blue Christmas Tree Toppers

 This is a fading light star that looks pretty cool at the top of your tree. It has a blue frame and blue lights as well.

There are 10 LED lights in the topper that make it shine. The LED lights are nice because they use less energy which means a smaller electric bill.

The topper is electric but comes with a green wire that can be easily hid in the tree so you don’t see it. This topper would be great for any any type of blue themed Christmas tree or if you simply like the color blue and want something different for your tree.



This is a fun color changing Christmas tree topper. The lights change from blue to white and then to a combination of blue and white. This topper would be great for a blue and white themed tree or any kind of a snow themed tree.

The star topper is covered in white glitter so not only does it light up but it also sparkles and shines.

This is a battery powered topper and does require two “D” batteries for it to work. There is an automatic timer shut off after 6 hours and then on again after 18 hours. Or you can use the on/off switch on the battery back to turn the topper on and off when you want.

The topper measures 12 inches tall and is a great size for a lot of different sized trees from a smaller average size tree to even a larger tree over 6 feet. You can easily attach the star to the top of your tree with the included cone base.


If you really want something different for your blue Christmas tree topper, then you need to buy this light up blue bow for the top of your tree.

You don’t see a lot of people with a light up bow as a topper but it can be simply beautiful at the top of your tree. The way that this bow lights up is with LED chips that don’t need to be housed in a cradle but have a fine little wire and that is all. The bulbs are cool to the touch so they are perfectly safe inside the ribbon and on your tree.

Because of the LED light wire you can actually shape the bow to make sure it looks just the way you want it to. The bulbs won’t break when adjusting the bow.

The bow measures approximately 9 inches in diameter. The bow topper can be a great way to add some blue color to your tree and still have it light up the top of your tree.

Mini Christmas Tree Toppers

If you have a miniature Christmas tree you aren’t going to want some huge tree topper that will topple over your little tree. You are going to need something on the same scale as the tree that would look appropriate.

Just because you have a mini Christmas tree it doesn’t mean you can’t find some great toppers though. Check out the different mini Christmas tree toppers you can buy for your Christmas tree below.

Mini Christmas Tree Toppers – Stars

This silver glitter star topper only measures 4 inches high which is a great size for a smaller or miniature Christmas tree. The topper is coated in sparkling silver glitter and even though it doesn’t light up it will make your little tree shine.

The topper is double sided so you don’t have to worry about what the back looks like on the tree. The picture above really doesn’t do the topper justice as it simply sparkles when you see it.

It is also available in gold glitter as well as red glitter.



This is another beautiful star tree topper that would work great for smaller Christmas trees. This topper measures slightly over 6 inches high.

The topper is made with gold wire that has sparkles all over it. Unlike other Christmas decorations the glitter will actually stay on the topper instead of getting on your hands and all over everything else. The swirled pattern inside the star is a nice added touch as well.

Best of all, right now you can get this topper for a very cheap price and even though it may be cheap it will still look great on your mini Christmas tree.



Miniature Star of Bethlehem Tree Topper

This is something a little different than your traditional star for the top of the tree.

This can be used on miniature trees or even smaller regular trees as it measures 5.5 inches tall.

It is designed with gold glitter and does a great job of reflecting the sparkle off the lights on the tree. Although it may be a small topper it definitely is a show-stopping one that will make your tree shine.


Mini Christmas Tree Topper – Santa Claus

If you want something else besides a star on your mini Christmas tree, then this Santa Claus topper may be an option for you.

The topper measures 5 3/4 inches in height and would fit a miniature tree perfectly. The topper easily attaches at the bottom of Santa’s beard with an attached cone with gold glitter that adds even more to the topper.

This can be a real fun Christmas tree topper for a little tree you may have for your kids or grand kids. Or maybe you just love Santa and want him show your love of the big guy on your small tree.


Remember that all of these toppers are made for smaller trees or tabletop trees. They may look really nice but they will be too small for average size trees so keep that in mind before buying.

Peacock Christmas Tree Topper

This tree topper may not be your usual topper but a turquoise and gold themed tree as well as peacock theme are quite popular with some people. This topper would be perfect for any of those themes or for just something a little different for your tree.

The topper measures 16 inches so it is a larger size topper and would look great on an average size tree as well as a large tree.

It is made from plastic and metal and features gold glitter accents along with peacock feathers. This topper will add some great color and sparkle to the top of the tree even though it does not light up.

This is definitely more of an elegant and luxurious topper and may not be for everyone, but it is really beautiful. Best of all it is priced just right now so hurry and get it before it’s gone.

Snowman Head Tree Topper


Looking to make your very own snowman Christmas tree? Then you are going to need a snowman head tree topper to complete the look of your tree into a full snowman.

There are several different options for a snowman head Christmas tree topper depending on the exact style that you are looking for.

Snowman Head Christmas Tree Topper Ideas



This snowman head with hat tree topper is simply adorable and will give your tree a unique look that you will love.

We love snowmen at our house and this is a perfect way to involve your love of snowmen onto your Christmas tree in a big way. This tree topper is great if you have kids as the snowman is a friendly little soul with his smile and little carrot nose.

The black top hat with ribbon and holly leaf detail is another nice added touch to the topper.

The topper measures 11.5 inches high and is 8 inches in diameter.

As you can see this snowman topper would be great for making a Frosty tree as well. I have known a few people who have made this type of tree and this topper is the perfect one for the job. All you would have to do is add some red mittens to the tree limbs and wrap a scarf around the tree. Add some boots at the bottom if you want and decorate with different Christmas bulbs.



This is a slightly different style snowman topper in that it has a peppermint theme with the red and white stripes.

This is a pretty large topper in that it measures 15 inches tall and would be perfect size head for a traditional 6-8 foot tall tree.

The red scarf is a great added touch to the topper which means that you don’t even have to worry about adding a scarf to your snowman tree.

A cute added touch would be to add some of the same striped red and white ribbon across your tree and drape it all in the matching ribbon. Pair with some white and red ornaments and you have the perfect Peppermint Snowman Christmas tree.

There are also a few more snowman head tree toppers from RAZ Imports that all have slightly different scarves and top hats.  They are all the same size at 15 inches tall and made of the same foam material for the head.

Check out some of the different choices below:


Any of these snowman toppers would look great up on a Frosty or snowman tree as well as just a traditional themed tree for something unique and different.

Snowflake Christmas Tree Toppers

If you want something different and unique for the top of your Christmas tree this year, then why not check out these wonderful snowflake Christmas tree toppers. They come in a variety of different styles and they really do look great on top of just about any tree. When it comes to decorating, you can’t have Christmas without snowflakes.

Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

This snowflake Christmas tree topper will definitely sparkle at the top of your tree.

The topper is clear but still has a great shining appearance that would look so pretty when reflected by the lights on your tree.

This topper is the epitome of a winter wonderland and is not only unique but has a classic winter touch as well.  It’s a very nice quality topper unlike some other cheaper ones that you find at local discount stores.

The topper measures 12.75″ inches high.  It easily secures to the tree with the wire cylinder at the bottom. This topper would be great for average size trees as well as even larger trees.


This is another beautiful snowflake tree topper that shines and sparkles but this one has more of an elegant touch with the gems.

The whole snowflake is accented with clear crystals that really make this topper look extra special. It also has silver sparkles that really add some shine to the topper as well. It appears as a sparkling, shimmering snowflake that was made especially for you.

It secures to the tree with the metal cone base at the bottom. The topper measures 12″ tall and would work well with an average size or larger sized tree. It may be a little too large for a smaller tree though.

If you want an elegant, sparkling topper for the top of your tree, this is a really great choice.


This snowflake topper is simple gorgeous and unique. You don’t see many people with a topper like this but it will definitely draw attention.

This  is a modern style Christmas tree topper with the silver metal accented with the glitter along with the different colored gems on the end of the snowflake. This topper would go great with a silver themed tree as well as something like a winter wonderland or snowy day theme.

This is a larger topper so it may not work well for smaller trees but would be better for average size trees as well as larger Christmas trees. The topper easily secures with the metal cone cylinder at the bottom that matches the rest of the topper.



LED Lighted Snowflake Christmas Tree Toppers


This is an absolutely stunning snowflake topper that also lights up. It is accented with gold glitter as well as clear beads and even a pretty clear crystal gem in the middle.

If you are looking for a gold snowflake or something that is just classy and elegant for the top of your tree, then check out this topper. There are 12 warm LED lights that give off a clear glow to the topper. The lights are bright and will do a great job of finishing off your tree.

The topper measures 9″H x 8.25″W and is made from wire and metal. It includes a green metal stake with 2 hook and loop straps so that you can easily secure it to the top of your tree. This topper may be a little too small for a larger tree but would look great on smaller ones.



This snowflake topper is similar to the one above but this one has red and green beads on it and is made from silver wire instead of gold. It is another beautiful option for a snowflake at the top of your Christmas tree.

There are 12 warm LED lights that illuminate this topper and make the red and green beads stand out. The topper is made with a pretty silver wire and metal that goes perfect with the red and green.

It measures 9″H x 8.25″W. It easily attaches to your tree with a green metal stake that blends into your tree along with Velcro closures to wrap around the top of the tree.


Snowflake Tree Topper for Mini or Tabletop Christmas Tree

If you have a miniature Christmas tree or a small tabletop tree and you want a nice snowflake topper, then this one is the best option for you.

The other toppers above would most likely to be large for a mini Christmas tree but at only 6 inches high, this topper is the perfect size for a small tree.

This is a beautiful metal snowflake topper decorated with white glitter to make it really stand out. Unlike some of the other toppers, this one has more of a 3 dimensional appearance rather than just a flat appearance.

The 6 inches does include the spiral cone base that secures it the tree so keep that in mind when determining if it is the right size for your tree.



Primitive Christmas Tree Topper

If you like the primitive style of decorating then you will absolutely love these primitive Christmas tree toppers. The primitive or American styles have become more and more popular and are making a big comeback especially for Christmas.

You will find several different toppers from a rustic star topper to a tin angel. Check out all the different primitive style toppers below.

Painted Metal Star Topper

This painted metal star works great for any country or primitive themed Christmas tree. It not only works as a Christmas tree topper but can also be places on a fireplace mantle or up on a shelf as a decoration as well.

The topper measures approximately 11 ½” and has a metal coil bottom for easy securing on the top of the tree. It is not too large and would look good on a smaller tree as well as an average sized tree. For the price of this topper you would be silly not to buy it for your tree or use it as a decoration.



Primitive Tin Americana Star Topper

Whether you are looking for a primitive style topper or an Americana theme this topper would be perfect for your Christmas tree.

It is a rusty tin color but then has a beautiful red, white and blue American flag look to the front of the star. The red, white, and blue are is made to look distressed and worn to fit into the style of the item.

There are small star cut outs in the topper that look great if you put a light behind the tree that shines through.

The topper measures 11-1/4″ x 12-1/2″.



Metal Barn Star Tree Topper

This is another great option if you are looking for a country primitive star for the top of your tree. This is a tin star that has the “rusty” appearance to make it look primitive.

The whole topper measures 9″ but the star part measures 5″. This metal barn star is great for smaller trees as well as average sized Christmas trees for a great topper that will match any primitive or Americana décor.



Rusted Metal Angel Tree Topper

This is a rusted metal angel that goes perfect with a primitive Christmas style.

This angel measures 10″ high and can also be used as a simple decoration as well. The front of angel has a star cut out pattern and features a simple hollow back for easy securing on the tree. This may not be for everyone if you can see the back of your tree easily.

This is just another great choice to consider for your tree this year.


Primitive decorating gives you that down home comfy feeling that is so great at Christmas. It can be a nice way to show some country roots or just support a time that feels so much simpler than nowadays.

Although some people may consider it old fashioned it definitely is becoming more and more popular as you can see by all the primitive Christmas toppers and other decorations that are available.

Large Bow for Christmas Tree Topper

If you want something different than an angel or star at the top of your tree, why not try a large Christmas bow? This is a great Christmas tree topper idea that can be matched to so many different themes and designs of trees.

You do have a choice of different bows from your classic red bow to a silver bow. There is even a light up tree topper bow that would make any Christmas tree shine.

Check out all the selections of different large bows for your Christmas tree topper below.

Classic Large Red Bow for a Christmas Tree Topper

18 x 35 Red Velveteen 10-Loop Wired Bow18″ x 35″ Red Velveteen 10-Loop Wired BowBUY NOW

Basic 14'' x 28'' 6 Loop Red BowBasic 14” x 28” 6 Loop Red BowBUY NOW

24 x 30 Red & Gold Velveteen 4 Loop Bow24″ x 30″ Red & Gold Velveteen 4 Loop BowBUY NOW

These types of bows are a classic style and will go with just about any type of theme for your tree you can imagine. They are fairly inexpensive so this can be a great way to mix up the look of your tree each year without having to invest a lot of money into it.


Light Up Large Bows for Christmas Tree Topper

14 LED Lights Red Bow Christmas Tree Topper14″ LED Lights Red Bow Christmas Tree TopperBUY NOW

Ribbon LED Lighted 6 BowRibbon LED Lighted 6″ BowBUY NOW

14 Silver Lighted Tinsel Bow 14″ Silver Lighted Tinsel Bow BUY NOW

These are beautiful light up bows that are made just for the top of Christmas trees. These bows sparkle and shine but still have the classic look of the bow at the top of the tree. These light up bows topper really are neat to look at and are something different than your average star or angel.


More Large Bows for the Top of a Christmas Tree

Here are some more large bows that would look great at the top of a Christmas tree.

Large Gold Bow with GlitterLarge Gold Bow with GlitterBUY NOW

24 x 27 Red Velveteen 4 Loop Bow24″ x 27″ Red Velveteen 4 Loop BowBUY NOW

12 x 26 Red & Green Velveteen 6 Loop Bow12″ x 26″ Red & Green Velveteen 6 Loop BowBUY NOW

This should give you some great decorating ideas for your Christmas tree this year. A large bow on top of your tree will never go out of style but can look so much nicer than an ordinary star or angel.

Best Christmas Tree Toppers 2017

Looking for the best Christmas tree topper for your tree this 2017 holiday season?

There are all sorts of great tree toppers that you can choose to decorate your tree with from a multi-colored star that lights up to an elegant silver angel and just about anything in between.

Here are the current best selling tree toppers to choose from.

The Best Christmas Tree Toppers For 2017

 Kurt Adler Lighted Rattan Natural Star Treetop 14″ Silver Metal Snowflake Topper Thomas Kinkade Rotating Santa Sleigh Illuminated Treetopper Kurt Adler 8-Inch Gold Glittered 5 Point Star Treetop 9.5 Inch Multi-color Flashing Pentagram Star Topper Kurt Adler 10″ Gold/Ivory Pre-lit Angel Treetop

Star Christmas tree toppers seem to be really popular this year and you can find just about any design of a star topper that you would want.

Another really interesting tree topper that you may be interested in is the color changing star topper. The colors actually morph and change as the topper just sits on top of the tree. This topper would be awesome for a colorful Christmas tree or would be cute to impress young kids this holiday season.

Of course you can always stick with the classic style angel for the top of your tree as well.

One popular trend for the past few years is the snowman head tree topper. These are great for making your very own snowman Christmas tree or just for something a bit different and fun.

How To Choose The Perfect Tree Topper For Your Tree

It can definitely be overwhelming looking at all the toppers and trying to decide which one may be the right one for your tree. I mean, how do you choose between a star, bow, or even one of the many unique Christmas tree toppers?

I have a few tips to keep in mind to make choosing the perfect Christmas tree topper fun this year.

Consider The Size Of Your Christmas Tree

One of the most important things to consider before you buy a topper is the size of your Christmas tree.

If you have an artificial one you already know how tall and wide your tree is. If you buy a real Christmas tree each year try to consider approximately what size you may be buying.

There is some leeway on what size Christmas tree topper you should buy for your tree but it’s not a good idea to go too large or too small.

You don’t want a small 6 inch topper on a large 9 foot tree. It just won’t look right.

On the other hand you also don’t want a large 16 inch topper on a small 4 foot tree.

You also need to keep in mind how tall your tree is and if there will be enough clearance between the top of the tree and your ceiling for the topper.

Here is a  simple tree topper sizing guide that I came up with:

  • Tabletop or miniature trees under 4 feet tall – look for a mini topper or one that is 4 inches tall or less
  • 4 ft to 5.5 ft tree – stick with a topper that is 6 inches or less
  • 6 ft to 7 ft tree – this is considered an average size tree which does give you a lot more choices. Look for a topper that is at least 6 inches tall but probably not more than 10 inches.
  • 7.5 ft to 9 ft tree – if you have the ceiling room for a tree this large you can go with a topper that is at least 8 inches tall with no really maximum height.

Again, this is just a very simple size guide and you do need to take into consideration your ceiling height and preferrred look of the tree.

Pick A Tree Topper To Fit Your Decorating Theme Or Style

Just because a type of tree topper is popular right now doesn’t mean you have to pick that for your tree.

Choose something that appeals to your decorating style or the theme of your tree.

Consider the color of the topper.

Consider the design of the topper.

Consider the shape of the topper.

If you are going with a certain look for your tree, choose a topper that finishes the tree rather than something that will look out of place with the design.

For example you wouldn’t want a super modern and trendy topper if you have a traditional or vintage style Christmas tree.

Remember that decorating your Christmas tree should be a fun activity to get ready for the holidays. Don’t be afraid to choose something that you love even if it isn’t “perfect” for other people.

Hopefully you can use one of these best Christmas tree toppers here to make your Christmas tree shine bright this year and fall in love with decorating a Christmas tree once again.


Tinkerbell Christmas Tree Topper

Spread some Pixie dust on your Christmas this year with a beautiful Tinkerbell Christmas tree topper. These toppers are great for anyone who loves Tinkerbell or just wants a unique topper that sparkles and shines.

Light Up Tinkerbell Christmas Tree Topper



This is a simply beautiful Christmas tree topper featuring Tinkerbell along with her very own Disney Christmas tree.

This is a Disney Resort exclusive that won’t last long and is sure to sell out quickly.

Tinker Bell features light up wings as well as her flight path around the tree also lights up. The Christmas tree is made of felt material and even features Mickey ears ornaments that surround the tree to give it an extra special touch.

This picture really doesn’t even do this topper justice as there is glitter and attention to detail that really makes this topper stand out for any Disney or Tinkerbell lovers.

The topper measures 12 inches in height and is 6 inches in diameter. Although it is not a huge tree topper, it will definitely be the center of attention on your tree.

Disney Tinkerbell Tree Topper

Disney Tinker Bell Tree Topper


This Christmas, Tinker Bell is granting wishes and sparkling at the top of your tree.

The Tinkerbell figure has such great detail and she simply looks beautiful sitting on the top  of your tree. She is perched on top of a flower and ready to use her wand to add some sparkle.

Off her wand is real ribbon that floats down to look like sparkles from her using her wand.

This is a hand crafted topper and you aren’t going to find the detail and intricacy with other toppers.

It is a smaller topper as it only measures 8 inches high but would be perfect for a smaller tree or even a table top tree for your kids. Perfect for any Disney themed Christmas tree.

Share the magic this holiday season and place a Tinkerbell topper on your tree.

Either one of these beautiful Tinker Bell Christmas tree toppers would be perfect for any Disney themed tree or for anyone who is young at heart and just wants a special fairy on their tree.

Be sure to check out some of the Tinkerbell Christmas ornaments to go with your topper as well.

Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree Topper

Do you love Mickey Mouse or know someone who does? A Mickey Mouse tree topper can be a great way to incorporate your favorite character into your Christmas celebration.

Santa Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree Topper

This is a new Mickey tree topper and it is already selling fast.

This topper features Mickey Mouse dressed up as Santa Claus and hauling a great big sack full of toys. The back of the topper has a sparkling snowflake with gem accents on the ends. There are also glitter accents that make this topper simply shine on the top of the tree.

The topper is easily attached to the tree with the metal cone cylinder at the bottom. The topper (including the bottom cone) measures 10″ tall.

This Mickey tree topper would be great for a family with kids as well as any Disney or Mickey Mouse fan. It’s a fun topper that you don’t see all the time and makes you young at heart during Christmas time.


Mickey Mouse and Friends Christmas Tree Topper

This Christmas tree topper features Mickey Mouse and all his Disney friends. This is definitely a unique topper that will catch the attention of everyone who sees your tree this year.

The star on this topper lights up it even rotates around the tree with a simple flick of a switch.

The topper features Mickey driving the sleigh and Tinkerbell at the top right by the big star. Then you have Pluto along with reindeer pulling the sleigh and other Disney characters are represented with the toys in the sleigh. The other characters include Donald and Daisy Duck, Pinocchio, a Dalmation dog, Dumbo, the Three Little Pigs, Winnie the Pooh, and Goofy.

The star on the topper is approximately 9″ and the sleigh measures 10.5″ long.

This item would make a great gift for any Disney lover who appreciates the older characters as well as any family with children who simply love Mickey.



Any type of Mickey Mouse Christmas tree topper would work perfectly for a Disney themed Christmas tree. You can pair these toppers with other Disney character ornaments or even just stick to classic Disney theme with Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Pluto.

Of course you definitely don’t need a Disney themed Christmas tree to use one of these toppers as they are so much fun for kid’s Christmas trees or someone who is just young at heart and loves Mickey.