Christmas Tree Color Schemes

A great way to choose a theme for your Christmas tree is to simply choose a color scheme and just stick with it throughout all the decorations on the tree.

There are lots of different Christmas tree color schemes that you can pick from and they don’t just involve the normal red and green, although that could be a theme you do choose.

10 Christmas Tree Color Scheme Ideas

christmas tree color schemes

*Red and Gold

A red and gold color scheme can look quite elegant or you can keep it more casual if you want. There are plenty of red and gold ornaments that you can buy and then you can add in some all red and all gold ornaments as well. Look for a gold garland or you can even use a red and gold ribbon to decorate your tree instead. Keep the color scheme going with a red or gold tree topper and a red or gold tree skirt.

*Blue and Silver

A blue and silver color scheme is great for a winter or snow themed tree. You can go with a darker blue or you choose a light blue to go with the silver and both would look beautiful. With this color scheme look for decorations that sparkle and shine.

Try to keep the same exact color blue all throughout the decorations on the tree from the silver or blue topper down to the skirt if possible. Of you want you can incorporate two different colors of blue if you are having a hard time with only having one.

*Pink, Purple, and Turquoise

This isn’t your usual Christmas color scheme but it can look very festive and goes with several different types of themed trees. It could be a whimsical theme with bright colors on a white tree or you could go with a candy theme with pink, purple and turquoise colors.

Looking at different ornaments for sale there are plenty of ornaments in these colors that you can find. If you need to do you can add in silver or white as a small accent colors as well.

*All White

With a traditional evergreen tree, an all white theme looks so pretty. You get the green color from the tree and then the contrasting white just looks so pretty and simple. You can find tons of all white decorations and if you want you can even add in some clear ornaments if you want something a little different. A white beaded garland or even a white wired ribbon would be a great addition to the tree.

*Red and Green

As I mentioned you can always stick with the traditional red and green color scheme for your Christmas tree. There is a reason why this theme is so popular because it looks really nice and there are tons of different things you can do with it.

If you want to get unique you can always pick a certain shade of green and a certain shade of red and only use those shades so the tree looks a bit more interesting than all different shades thrown together.

*Red, White, and Blue

Go with an Americana or patriotic theme for your tree and stick with red, white and blue colors. You can find plenty of plain colored ornaments in these colors and you can add the to special ornaments that show a patriotic theme. There are patriotic toppers and tree skirts that you can buy as well to continue with the theme from top to bottom.

*Silver and Gold

Some people think that silver and gold are clashing colors, but they actually do look really luxurious an elegant when put together in the correct way. For this color scheme you will have a wide variety of ornaments to choose from. You can even find plenty of ornaments that have silver and gold together.

If you want to get unique get a frosted tree and the white color on the branches will look great with the shining silver and gold colors.

*Green, Brown and Cream

Go with a natural themed tree with green, brown and cream colors. You can even choose things like pine cones and brown jingle bells to use as ornaments to give your tree that natural look. Add in some cream accents with ribbon tied on the tree or some cream bulb ornaments.

If you are a simple type of person or you love the outdoors this Christmas tree color scheme may be one that you simply love.

*Red and Tan

With a red and tan color scheme you could easily do an old fashioned or primitive style Christmas tree. For the red color you don’t want to use a bright shiny red, but instead more of almost like a muted or burgundy color red. You can find plenty of burlap ornaments with red accents that would work great for the tree. There is also burlap ribbon that would be perfect for a red and tan color scheme for your Christmas tree.

*Colors of the Rainbow

If you are having trouble picking a color scheme because you have so many colors you like, then why not go with all colors of the rainbow? Look for bright colors that will stand out like pink, purple, yellow, bright green, orange, aqua, and red. If you are going with this type of theme you may be better off sticking with one color ornaments¬† so that your tree doesn’t look too outrageous with all the different colors.

A Christmas tree in all different colored bulb ornaments is a great touch and you can even use a white tree to make the colors pop out even more.


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