Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

If you are looking to do something a little different with your Christmas tree this year then why choose one of the Christmas tree theme ideas below. There really are so many different ways that you can decorate your tree and it all depends on your style and what you like for the holidays.

Here are 10 Christmas tree theme ideas to help you get the creative juices flowing this holiday.

red and gold christmas treeRed and Gold Themed Christmas Tree

This is a pretty popular theme for a Christmas tree but you can do lots of different things with this theme to set your tree apart.

Go with soft white lights on the tree and then find shiny and glittering red and gold ornaments of all different sizes. Be sure to include some sparkling bulbs as well as maybe some snowflake ornaments and fun design ornaments.

For the garland you can stick with some plain bead garland or get some gold ribbon and drape it around your tree instead. (Check out our guide on How to Use Ribbon to Decorate a Christmas Tree).

A shiny gold star or a even a red and gold Santa topper would be great for finishing the tree off.

Primitive or Country Themed Christmas Tree

If you like homemade and old fashioned country decorations, then deck your tree out in a primitive or country style theme. With this theme you want to keep things somewhat simple rather than having tons of ornaments and stuff on your tree.

Look for things like felt ornaments as well as make your own handmade ornaments out of wood or plaid or gingham ribbon. Distressed wood ornaments are great for this type of theme. Stars, owls, old fashioned snowmen and jingle bells all can fin into this Christmas theme.

You can keep the garland simple with a strand of cranberries or pip berries or simply omit the garland.

For the topper a rattan star or a metal barn star would fit in perfectly.

Western Christmas Tree Theme

Show your love of all things western and decorate your tree with things like cowboy boots, horseshoes, and cowboy hats.

You can also find some specialty ornaments that would work for a western theme such as horses, cowboy ornaments, and western print ribbons and ornaments.

For the topper of this tree, a metal star would work well to fit into the theme. Or you can get creative and use a cowboy hat you have for the topper.

Let It Snow Themed Christmas Tree

You can find all sorts of snowflake decorations for your Christmas tree. When it comes to this theme you can incorporate some color with some aqua colored ornaments or even a dark navy blue color.

Look for large and small snowflakes that sparkle and shine to hang on the tree. You can then fill in the other spaces with white, silver or blue bulb ornaments with glitter as well as ones without glitter. A silver stand of beads would work well for garland or you can use a silver wired ribbon to wrap it around your tree.

There are a few different snowflake tree toppers that you can choose from to complete the look of your tree. For the tree skirt, keep it simple with a plain white skirt or blanket you can use as a tree skirt.

peacock christmas tree Peacock Christmas Tree Theme

You can have a real elegant and luxurious Christmas tree with a peacock theme. You may be surprised but there are several peacock themed ornaments that you can buy as they are more popular than you may think. There are even peacock tree toppers that would look perfect with this theme.

Keep the ornaments in the color scheme of gold, blue green, and some purple(if you choose). Simple bulb ornaments mixed with peacock themed ornaments can be a great way to accomplish this theme without having to spend a lot of money on new ornaments.

To save even more money you can go to a craft store and find a bulk package of peacock feathers that you can fasten to your tree to stick out from the branches.

For the tree skirt stick with the color scheme and find a blue skirt or a gold one to match the tree.

Beach Theme Christmas Tree

A beach theme for your Christmas tree can be a great way to beat the winter cold or maybe just celebrate that you live on the beach.

There are all kinds of beach themed ornaments and Christmas decor items that you can buy. Look for Santa Claus at the beach as well as pink flamingos, palm trees, beach umbrellas, sand shovels and pails as well as surfing ornaments.

You can even make your own ornaments with clear glass bulbs and some sand put inside of them.

Blue Christmas Tree Theme

Make your Christmas blue this year by decorating your tree in all things blue. Believe it or not navy blue is actually a pretty popular color when it comes to ornaments and Christmas decorations.

You can find all kinds of different ornaments from plain blue bulb ornaments to sparkling blue snowflakes and stars. Keep the lights simple with white lights and if you want you can add in some accents of silver or gold.

There are also blue tree toppers you can buy to keep with the theme.

red and green christmas treeRed and Green Santa Workshop Christmas Tree

When you think of Christmas you most likely think the colors red and green. With this twist you can add red and green ornaments as well as things you would see in Santa’s workshop likes some elf ornaments as well as things like teddy bears and toys. You can even make your own sign that says “Santa’s Workshop” and hang it in the middle of the tree.

You can use any kind of garland you want that fits the color scheme but you could always look for green and red mesh and use both of them to wrap around your tree. You can even add in some candy canes to your tree to fill in some of the spots.

Look for a Santa Claus topper to complete the look of this tree.

Whimsical Colored Christmas Tree Theme

Instead of opting for the normal red and green like the theme mentioned above, go with  whimsical colors like purple, pink, aquamarine and lime green. Looking online there are plenty of ornaments in these colors that you can use for your tree. You can find plain bulb ornaments as well as ones that have glitter on them. There are even some ornaments with fun patterns and designs such as chevron, polka dots and stripes.

With this theme you can stick with the normal green tree or get a little creative and use a white Christmas tree. A white Christmas tree will really let the colors from the ornaments stand out.

Look for a tree skirt that is colorful and fun as well as a cool tree topper that fits into your color scheme.

elegant gold christmas treeElegant Gold Christmas Tree Theme

If you are looking for a way to decorate your tree in an elegant way and want more of a classic look then go with an all gold theme.  This can be a great way to make your tree look very elegant and sophisticated if it is done properly.

Try to avoid gaudy ornaments and instead stick with simple bulbs and ornamental shapes with some sparkle and glitter to them. For the garland you can’t go wrong with a gold wired edge ribbon tied across your your tree.

For the tree topper use a nice gold star or a gold angel topper if you prefer. With this theme you don’t want to overload your tree as you should keep it simple and not overly stuffed with ornaments.

You could also do this theme with silver if you prefer as well.


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