Gold Star Christmas Tree Toppers

Imagine having a big, beautiful gold star for the topper on your Christmas tree.

Whether you have a gold themed Christmas tree or you simply just want a nice gold star to finish off the look of your Christmas tree this year, there are several different options you can choose from.

There are gold stars that are great for smaller sized trees and then you have larger toppers that work great for those big, tall Christmas trees.

Check out all the different gold star Christmas tree toppers to choose from.


This topper measures 8 inches tall and is decorated with gold glitter all over the entire star.

This is a very inexpensive tree topper, but with the gold glitter it will definitely stand out on your tree. The cut out pattern makes this gold star tree topper even more unique and it something different than your usual normal gold star.



This is an 8 pointed Capiz star tree topper that is one of the best selling tree toppers right now. It is a larger tree topper and it even lights up to help really draw attention to the the beautiful shape of the topper.

The star not only lights up but is embellished with a swirling pattern that adds to the beauty of the topper as well. There are 10 clear lights that are used inside this topper to light the star up.



This is a slightly smaller gold star tree topper that measures a little over 6 inches tall. It is made from gold wire that shines as well as gold iridescent material that fills in the star.

This topper would be very nice for a smaller Christmas tree if you want a bright gold star that doesn’t light up but still will shine from the lights on the tree.


This is another best selling Christmas tree topper that lights up. This one measures 8 1/2 inches and also has 10 lights inside so that you can make it shine.

The topper is made from gold wire that has a beautiful swirling design throughout the star. This topper may look like a big bright star from afar, but once you get up close you can see the intricate pattern that makes it even more interesting.



This is a really elegant gold star tree topper that isn’t your average plain star. It is has ornate detailing featuring gold glitter and gold beading embellishments that really make this topper shine without it even having lights.

This topper would be good for bigger trees as it does measure 10 inches, which is a pretty tall Christmas tree topper.



If you are looking for a really large gold star tree topper for your Christmas tree, then this one may just be perfect for you. It measures 14 inches tall so it’s great for larger trees that really need a prominent topper.

It is made of a gold iridescent fabric and even lights up so that it really make your tree stand out. There are 10 bulbs inside the topper that glow through the gold fabric.


If none of the above gold star Christmas tree toppers above really interest you or you just want to look at some more options, there are plenty of other toppers to choose from.

Click Here for several more gold star toppers to choose from for your tree this year.

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