How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Ribbon

Instead of opting for the usual garland strands, why not try ribbon to decorate your tree with this year? You can design of ribbon and it will add some color, texture and elegance to your tree.

There are a few different ways that you can use ribbon to decorate your Christmas tree. There is a simple way of just wrapping it around the tree in layers and then you have more intricate designs you can do as well.

Check out two different ways on how to decorate your Christmas tree with ribbon.

decorate christmas tree with ribbonHow to Criss Cross Ribbon On a Tree

Crisscrossing your ribbon all across your tree can be a great way to decorate your tree without spending a lot of money and still having it look like it was professionally decorated. Best of all it is not that hard at all to do this on your own tree at home.

You will need wired ribbon as it works the best for perfect placement and keeping the ribbon from falling into the branches too much. The ribbon works best when it is 3-4 inches wide. You will also scissors and some kind of wire such as flower wire or you can even use small twist ties if you already have them.

First, you need to cut strips of your ribbon twice the length of your tree. How many ribbon strips you will need will depend on how round your tree is as well as how much ribbon you want on the tree. For an average size tree around 6 or 8 ribbon strips should be enough (you need an even amount).

Gather all the ribbon strips and tie them together at the top, making sure that the pattern side or the good side of the ribbon is facing outwards. Place the gathered ribbon on top of the tree right underneath where you would put your tree topper. Use some wire to secure it to your tree and sort of hide the end of the ribbons in the branches. Drape each ribbon all the way down the tree so they are facing the correct way.

Take two ribbon pieces that are right next to each other and cross them around a foot down from the top of the tree. If you have a smaller tree you can do it around 8 inches down instead.

Then take the two pieces of ribbon and simply twist them around twice. The wired edge of the ribbon will work to keep the crisscross in place. Do this with all the other strips of ribbon so the first crosses are made all around the tree.

For the next row of crisscrosses you need to take one strip and cross it with another strip that is in a different first cross area. So for example, strip number one was crossed with number two in the first row and in the second row strip number two would be crossed with strip number three.

Continue doing this with all the other rows until you get to the bottom of the tree. When you get to the bottom you can cut off the excess ribbon or do a final crisscross to complete the look.


 Decorate the Christmas Tree with Wide Ribbon

Another way that you can use ribbon to decorate your Christmas tree is with the wide ribbon or mesh. This isn’t the regular ribbon you see in the ribbon aisle but you can usually find it near the floral supplies. Although you could use wide ribbon that is at least 5-6 inches wide if you can’t find the mesh or floral stuff.

Check out this video tutorial on how to decorate your Christmas tree with wide ribbon or mesh. With this tree they even add in some smaller ribbon for a great effect as well.


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