How To Get Your Christmas Tree Topper To Stay On

One of the biggest complaints that people have about Christmas tree toppers is that they can’t seem to get the topper to stay on the tree.

Although some toppers may be too heavy for some trees, there are a few different ways in which you can anchor your topper on the top of the tree so it stays upright in the exact spot you want.

Stop struggling with your tree topper when decorating your Christmas tree and instead learn how to get your Christmas tree to stay on your tree properly.

Quick Tree Topper Fix for Artificial Christmas Trees

get your tree topper to stay onIf you have a fake Christmas tree you may only need a quick fix that takes a few seconds to get your topper on your tree.

Basically you want to take as many branches as possible from the top of the tree and really pack them into the base of the tree topper.

This helps to stabilize the topper instead of just having one or two branches that don’t fill up the whole base of the topper.

If you don’t like the look of this way you can also try to bend the branches in half to give a wider base for the topper as well.

This can also work for some real Christmas trees depending on the thickness of the tree at the top.

This quick fix may work for a lot of tree toppers but there are still some that really need to be anchored down instead, so I have a solution for that as well.

Use Floral Wire or Twine to Anchor Your Christmas Tree Topper

If you are still having trouble with your topper staying on your tree, you can use some different items to help anchor it to the tree and you won’t even be able to tell.

The first thing I recommend is floral wire. The green floral wire will blend right into the tree and you won’t even notice that it is tied onto the branches of the tree.

The nice thing about floral wire is that it doesn’t cost a whole lot (I recommend this inexpensive spool of wire)  and it can be used for other craft projects around the house as well.

You can also use a strong twine or jute to keep the topper in place as well. With this you may be able to see parts of the twine but you can easily cover with your garland and ornaments.

All you have to do with the wire or the twin is simply tie it onto the base or cone of the topper in two different spots and allow for enough wire to hang down so that you can tie it onto the branches of the tree.

When tying the wire or twine to the tree go down several branches so that you can make sure you get a secure anchor. You can send the wire through the middle of the tree by the trunk or you can go down the back if no one will see it back there.

Simply, make sure you get a good, secure knot on the branches on each side of the topper so that it stays upright and secure on top of the tree.

As mentioned, you can always use ornaments, garland, or a bow to hide the twine if needed. You probably will not even notice the green floral wire but you can also use decorations to hide that as well.

Even some of the best Christmas tree toppers need a little help every once in awhile especially with real Christmas trees that may not have even top branches.

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