Lighted Bow Christmas Tree Topper


This is a beautiful lighted red bow topper that would be the main attraction on any Christmas tree.

The bow topper measures 14 inches tall. It has 20 white lights throughout the bow that make it light up for all to see.

The nice thing about this bow is that it can be used indoors as well as outdoors, so you can use it to decorate an evergreen tree you have in your yard as well.

There is a cone on the back of the bow that easily slides over the top of the Christmas tree to secure the topper on the top of the tree. The ends of the bow are meant to hang down slightly onto the front of the tree which makes for a real nice look.

Buying this topper can be a great way to change up your tree and get something different and unique but still has that classic Christmas theme.



This is another beautiful lighted bow tree topper that can also be used indoors as well as outdoors.

The bow is made to look just like tinsel with the glitter and sparkle coming from the topper.

This topper measures 14 inches tall and also has a cone on the back to secure it to the top of the tree. There are 20 lights that are throughout the topper that light up. There is a 36 inch lead wire that to plug in the topper.

This topper could be a great addition to an elegant Christmas tree with the silver glitter and the shining lights it is sure to get you tons of compliments on your Christmas tree.




This is something different than it’s not actually a bow, but it is actually LED ribbon lights that you can use to make your own bow for the top of your Christmas tree.

You can see the white colored ribbon above but you can also choose from blue, green, red, and even a super fun rainbow multi-colored ribbon.

You can tie and string up the ribbon and the lights will not break. They are also cool to the touch so you can use it on your Christmas tree or on other Christmas decorations as well.

Each strand of ribbon lights come with 18 feet of lights and a total of 22 feet all together.

These are super cool and something that you definitely won’t see on everyone else’s Christmas tree.



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