Mini Christmas Tree Toppers

If you have a miniature Christmas tree you aren’t going to want some huge tree topper that will topple over your little tree. You are going to need something on the same scale as the tree that would look appropriate.

Just because you have a mini Christmas tree it doesn’t mean you can’t find some great toppers though. Check out the different mini Christmas tree toppers you can buy for your Christmas tree below.

Mini Christmas Tree Toppers – Stars

This silver glitter star topper only measures 4 inches high which is a great size for a smaller or miniature Christmas tree. The topper is coated in sparkling silver glitter and even though it doesn’t light up it will make your little tree shine.

The topper is double sided so you don’t have to worry about what the back looks like on the tree. The picture above really doesn’t do the topper justice as it simply sparkles when you see it.

It is also available in gold glitter as well as red glitter.



This is another beautiful star tree topper that would work great for smaller Christmas trees. This topper measures slightly over 6 inches high.

The topper is made with gold wire that has sparkles all over it. Unlike other Christmas decorations the glitter will actually stay on the topper instead of getting on your hands and all over everything else. The swirled pattern inside the star is a nice added touch as well.

Best of all, right now you can get this topper for a very cheap price and even though it may be cheap it will still look great on your mini Christmas tree.



Miniature Star of Bethlehem Tree Topper

This is something a little different than your traditional star for the top of the tree.

This can be used on miniature trees or even smaller regular trees as it measures 5.5 inches tall.

It is designed with gold glitter and does a great job of reflecting the sparkle off the lights on the tree. Although it may be a small topper it definitely is a show-stopping one that will make your tree shine.


Mini Christmas Tree Topper – Santa Claus

If you want something else besides a star on your mini Christmas tree, then this Santa Claus topper may be an option for you.

The topper measures 5 3/4 inches in height and would fit a miniature tree perfectly. The topper easily attaches at the bottom of Santa’s beard with an attached cone with gold glitter that adds even more to the topper.

This can be a real fun Christmas tree topper for a little tree you may have for your kids or grand kids. Or maybe you just love Santa and want him show your love of the big guy on your small tree.


Remember that all of these toppers are made for smaller trees or tabletop trees. They may look really nice but they will be too small for average size trees so keep that in mind before buying.

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