Red Angel Christmas Tree Toppers

How about a beautiful red angel for the top of your Christmas tree this year?

Red angel tree toppers aren’t as common as you the gold, silver, and white ones, but they work great with so many different Christmas trees. They go great with elegant trees as well as general Christmas themed trees since they are red, which we all know is one of the major colors for Christmas.

Check out the different red angel Christmas tree toppers below to see which one will look best on your tree.

Red and Gold Elegant Angel Christmas Tree Topper


This angel topper is a sparkling and beautiful 16 inches tall.

She is wearing a beautiful red gown accented with gold jewels and glitter. Her wings are will shine with all the glitter and jewels and aren’t your usual angel wings but have a unique style to them.

Under her gown is a formed cone that you place over the top of the Christmas tree to secure the angel on the top. It easily fits on the top pointed branch of the tree so that you don’t have to worry about the topper falling off.

This topper definitely can be used for more than just on top of the tree. She can also be used as a decoration for a shelf or mantle during Christmas time.

If you are looking for an elegant red angel for your tree or just to decorate your home this Christmas, this one really is a must-have. It’s elegant and shines with the glitter and at the same time is something you won’t see everywhere.


Santa’s Workshop Homespun Natural Angel Tree Topper


This style of a tree topper would be perfect for more of a “natural” or rustic style Christmas tree.

The angel features wings made from vine twigs and decorated with holly leaves and berries. She has has the holly berries and leaves decorating her coat.

On the trim of your coat is a faux fur lining that covers her muslin skirt.

This is definitely a different type of angel tree topper that has a unique appearance. It’s not the glittery or sparkling angel but instead has more of the old fashioned, rustic style that is quite popular.

It’s a pretty large topper as it does measure 16 inches tall and is sure to be the centerpiece of your Christmas tree.

 Angel with Red Dress and Green Accents Christmas Tree Topper


This is a smaller red angel tree topper as it only measures 8″ tall, but gives off plenty of style.

This would work great for a smaller Christmas tree or even for a mini-tree.

The angel is wearing a red dress that is accented with bright green and red silk leaves along with sequins and glitter.

This topper is not lighted but the underneath is hollow to be able to easily place her on the top of your tree.


A red angel Christmas tree topper provides a classic style for your tree but still offers something unique besides your basic gold or silver angels. These toppers are absolutely gorgeous and as you can see will fit in with a variety of different Christmas tree themes and styles.

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