Santa Hat Tree Topper

Your Christmas tree will look so festive this holiday wit a Santa hat tree topper. This topper would be great on a kid’s Christmas tree as well as one that looks just like Santa Claus.

The topper measures 12 inches high and comes pre-lit with clear lights. There are 10 mini bulbs that light this topper up and best of all the fabric is embellished with small little crystals that reflect the light when it is on so that it looks stunning on top of your tree reflecting all the different lights.

The topper comes with replacement bulbs and if one burns out the rest will stay lit. This topper is made only for indoor use so you can’t use it on a tree you may decorate outside like Santa.

Be a little different this year and believe in Santa with this Santa hat Christmas tree topper. It’s fun. It’s festive and you will get lots of compliments on having something different top your tree.

*If you plan on making a Santa tree this year, then check out my post on unique ways to decorate your tree in which I give you great ideas to turn your tree into Santa himself.

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