Small Christmas Tree Toppers

If you have a small or mini Christmas tree and you are looking for the right size topper that won’t topple your tree over, I have some great topper ideas for you.

Most tree toppers are at least approximately 7 – 10 inches tall and that is usually too large for a table top Christmas tree or just a very small Christmas tree.

There are other choices though as a 4 inch topper may be just right for your tree while some other people may be able to use up to a 6 inch topper depending on how large your tree actually is.

Here are some great small Christmas tree toppers you can choose from for your beautiful tree this year.

4″ Gold Glitter Star Tree Topper



This gold glitter star Christmas tree topper measures 4″ and is a great size for a small or mini tree. It is made by Kurt Adler and even though it is small it is a great topper that definitely will stand out.

It easily attaches to the top of the tree with the attached cone that is actually empty all the way up through the star so you don’t have to worry about it falling off the top of the tree. It does have a double sided design so it sparkles and glitters from every view of the topper. This would be great for a more elegant themed tree as well as a gold themed Christmas tree.


4″ Red Glitter Star Christmas Tree Topper


This tree topper is the same Kurt Adler glitter star topper right above but this one is done in a brilliant red glitter. It measures 4″ and has the hollow cone attachment for easy attaching to your Christmas tree.

This topper is great if you really want your topper to stand out on your little tree or can be really nice on a white and red themed Christmas tree. This is another great choice for a small tree topper that really makes your tree festive.


6″ Gold Wire Star Tree Topper


This star topper is slightly larger at 6 1/4″ tall but is still a great option for a smaller Christmas tree. At just barely over 6 inches tall the star is still small enough for shorter or more compact trees were you don’t have to worry the tree will fall over or the topper will just be too large for the look of the tree.

The topper is made of a gold wire as as well as an iridescent material that finishes off the look the star. It easily attaches to the top of the tree with the matching gold wire spring cone. It is a double sided design so it does look the same from both the front and the back.


6″ Metal Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper


This is a hand made unique Christmas tree topper that is the perfect size for a small or miniature Christmas tree. It measures 6″ and comes with an attached metal spiral cone for easily placing on your tree.

The whole topper is made of metal but is decorated with white glitter so it really does sparkle on top of the tree. This is a unique topper since you usually don’t see that  many snowflake toppers and could be a great way for your little tree to stand out this holiday season.


5″ White Iridescent Glitter Snowflake Tree Topper


This is a smaller glitter snowflake topper that measures approximately 5.25″. The snowflake is drenched in sparkling glitter that really adds to the topper and makes it a little nicer for a smaller tree. There is an attached spiral cone base to easily attach to the top of your tree to ensure it stays put.

This topper would be nice for a really small or miniature tree and could even be used for a small table top tree since it only comes in around 5 inches.


Just because you have a small Christmas tree doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful tree topper to make it sparkle and shine.


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