Snowflake Christmas Tree Toppers

If you want something different and unique for the top of your Christmas tree this year, then why not check out these wonderful snowflake Christmas tree toppers. They come in a variety of different styles and they really do look great on top of just about any tree. When it comes to decorating, you can’t have Christmas without snowflakes.

Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

This snowflake Christmas tree topper will definitely sparkle at the top of your tree.

The topper is clear but still has a great shining appearance that would look so pretty when reflected by the lights on your tree.

This topper is the epitome of a winter wonderland and is not only unique but has a classic winter touch as well.  It’s a very nice quality topper unlike some other cheaper ones that you find at local discount stores.

The topper measures 12.75″ inches high.  It easily secures to the tree with the wire cylinder at the bottom. This topper would be great for average size trees as well as even larger trees.


This is another beautiful snowflake tree topper that shines and sparkles but this one has more of an elegant touch with the gems.

The whole snowflake is accented with clear crystals that really make this topper look extra special. It also has silver sparkles that really add some shine to the topper as well. It appears as a sparkling, shimmering snowflake that was made especially for you.

It secures to the tree with the metal cone base at the bottom. The topper measures 12″ tall and would work well with an average size or larger sized tree. It may be a little too large for a smaller tree though.

If you want an elegant, sparkling topper for the top of your tree, this is a really great choice.


This snowflake topper is simple gorgeous and unique. You don’t see many people with a topper like this but it will definitely draw attention.

This  is a modern style Christmas tree topper with the silver metal accented with the glitter along with the different colored gems on the end of the snowflake. This topper would go great with a silver themed tree as well as something like a winter wonderland or snowy day theme.

This is a larger topper so it may not work well for smaller trees but would be better for average size trees as well as larger Christmas trees. The topper easily secures with the metal cone cylinder at the bottom that matches the rest of the topper.



LED Lighted Snowflake Christmas Tree Toppers


This is an absolutely stunning snowflake topper that also lights up. It is accented with gold glitter as well as clear beads and even a pretty clear crystal gem in the middle.

If you are looking for a gold snowflake or something that is just classy and elegant for the top of your tree, then check out this topper. There are 12 warm LED lights that give off a clear glow to the topper. The lights are bright and will do a great job of finishing off your tree.

The topper measures 9″H x 8.25″W and is made from wire and metal. It includes a green metal stake with 2 hook and loop straps so that you can easily secure it to the top of your tree. This topper may be a little too small for a larger tree but would look great on smaller ones.



This snowflake topper is similar to the one above but this one has red and green beads on it and is made from silver wire instead of gold. It is another beautiful option for a snowflake at the top of your Christmas tree.

There are 12 warm LED lights that illuminate this topper and make the red and green beads stand out. The topper is made with a pretty silver wire and metal that goes perfect with the red and green.

It measures 9″H x 8.25″W. It easily attaches to your tree with a green metal stake that blends into your tree along with Velcro closures to wrap around the top of the tree.


Snowflake Tree Topper for Mini or Tabletop Christmas Tree

If you have a miniature Christmas tree or a small tabletop tree and you want a nice snowflake topper, then this one is the best option for you.

The other toppers above would most likely to be large for a mini Christmas tree but at only 6 inches high, this topper is the perfect size for a small tree.

This is a beautiful metal snowflake topper decorated with white glitter to make it really stand out. Unlike some of the other toppers, this one has more of a 3 dimensional appearance rather than just a flat appearance.

The 6 inches does include the spiral cone base that secures it the tree so keep that in mind when determining if it is the right size for your tree.



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