Snowman Head Tree Topper


Looking to make your very own snowman Christmas tree? Then you are going to need a snowman head tree topper to complete the look of your tree into a full snowman.

There are several different options for a snowman head Christmas tree topper depending on the exact style that you are looking for.

Snowman Head Christmas Tree Topper Ideas



This snowman head with hat tree topper is simply adorable and will give your tree a unique look that you will love.

We love snowmen at our house and this is a perfect way to involve your love of snowmen onto your Christmas tree in a big way. This tree topper is great if you have kids as the snowman is a friendly little soul with his smile and little carrot nose.

The black top hat with ribbon and holly leaf detail is another nice added touch to the topper.

The topper measures 11.5 inches high and is 8 inches in diameter.

As you can see this snowman topper would be great for making a Frosty tree as well. I have known a few people who have made this type of tree and this topper is the perfect one for the job. All you would have to do is add some red mittens to the tree limbs and wrap a scarf around the tree. Add some boots at the bottom if you want and decorate with different Christmas bulbs.



This is a slightly different style snowman topper in that it has a peppermint theme with the red and white stripes.

This is a pretty large topper in that it measures 15 inches tall and would be perfect size head for a traditional 6-8 foot tall tree.

The red scarf is a great added touch to the topper which means that you don’t even have to worry about adding a scarf to your snowman tree.

A cute added touch would be to add some of the same striped red and white ribbon across your tree and drape it all in the matching ribbon. Pair with some white and red ornaments and you have the perfect Peppermint Snowman Christmas tree.

There are also a few more snowman head tree toppers from RAZ Imports that all have slightly different scarves and top hats.  They are all the same size at 15 inches tall and made of the same foam material for the head.

Check out some of the different choices below:


Any of these snowman toppers would look great up on a Frosty or snowman tree as well as just a traditional themed tree for something unique and different.

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