Star of Bethlehem Christmas Tree Toppers

The Star of Bethlehem is extra special when it comes to Christmas and some people even call it the Christmas Star. This star is what led the magi to the place where Jesus was born in a stable.

What a better way to remember the birth of Jesus than to place the star of Bethlehem up at the top of your tree.

star of bethlehem tree topper

The picture of this Christmas tree topper doesn’t do it justice. This star of Bethlehem topper lights up with LED lights and actually changes color through a wide array of holiday colors.

This star will light up your Christmas tree with all kinds of beautiful colors. It morphs from one color to another and goes great with any kind of Christmas tree. It’s not a cheap plastic topper but is actually made from a heavy acrylic that makes it so much more durable and less cheap looking.

Not only is this tree topper gorgeous but it is also very easy to install and keep it into place. It is mounted onto a clamping arm that secures onto the middle base of the tree. This is so much more secure than a simple cone cylinder at the bottom of the topper and is also much easier.

This topper is one of the best selling Christmas tree toppers right now and is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars with over 35 reviews. If you are looking for a star of Bethlehem for your tree, then this one is probably your best choice.


lighted gold star of bethlehem tree topper

This is a attention-grabbing tree topper with the gold wire frame and the 10 LED lights that light up the top of the tree.

The lights on this topper are clear and you don’t have to worry about them all burning out if one burns out. The outline of the star is a gold metal wire that extends down into the cone attachment at the bottom of the topper.

The topper measures 10.75″H x 8″W. The lights on the topper are warm lights and subtle and not the bright blinding lights which makes this topper more of a classic and sophisticated one.


red star of bethlehem tree topper

This isn’t your average Star of Bethlehem Christmas tree topper but it does look stunning on the top of the tree.

Not only does this have a red glitter web affect but it also lights up with 11 red bulbs as well. If you have red lights on your tree or you simply want something a little different for your tree, then check out this topper.

This topper measures 12″ which makes it a great size for just about any tree besides a super small one. There is a plastic cone at the bottom of the topper to easily attach it to the tree and it does come with replacement bulbs as well.


colored mosiac star of bethlehem tree topper

This is another unique Christmas tree topper with the multi-color mosaic effect. This star also lights up and the colors are reflected to make your Christmas tree light up with all the different colors.

This is a pretty moderatly priced topper so you don’t get the highest quality but the topper is durable and look nice atop the tree. It has 10 bulbs that light the star and base of the topper is green to blend in with the tree.

The topper measures 11″. Some buyers have mentioned that it is hard to attach and keep from falling over but there are ways that you can work it so that it stays place on the top without falling.


glass star of bethlehem christmas tree topper

This Star of Bethlehem topper has more of a classic and elegant style to it although it could easily fit into just about any holiday decorating style.

This is a delicate topper that is made from capiz and gold trimmed wire. The center of the star has a beautiful amber glass gem. There are 10 clear bulbs that light the topper to give it a magnificent glow.

If one of the bulbs burns out the rest will stay lit and you do you get replacement bulbs with the product.


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