Unique Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

If you are looking for something unique for the top of your Christmas tree, then I have a few different ideas for you.

It can be fun having something different for a Christmas tree topper and not having your tree look just like everyone else’s tree.

Here are a few different unique Christmas tree topper ideas to give you some inspiration for your tree this year.

Snowman Tree Hugger Topper


Give your Christmas tree a hug from a friendly snowman with this unique topper. This topper features the head of a cheerful snowman as well as his arms and a long scarf that hangs down. When placed on top of your tree, the snowman appears like he is hugging the top of your tree with his arms wrapped around the top.

The snowman measures 13 inches tall and his arms are 20 inches around. The scarf around his neck measures 45 inches tall.

This topper would also me adorable with a white Christmas tree and you can then decorate the tree to look like the rest of the snowman’s body.

If you like the look of the snowman hugger topper, check out this snowman hugger Christmas decoration as well as it can also be used as a Christmas tree topper as well.

With this decoration all you would need to do is to pose the arms of the snowman around the top of your tree to use it as a topper. You may have to use a zip tie or wire to help it stay in place but it shouldn’t take much.

You can check out this snowman hugger at Amazon for more information.

Rotating Santa with Sleigh Christmas Tree Topper


Santa and his reindeer will be making the trip around your Christmas tree with this rotating Christmas tree topper. Santa and his sleigh are attached to a spring that is attached to the illuminated Christmas star on the top of the tree. When turned on, Santa will rotate around on the spring so it looks like he is flying around the tree.

Not only is the fact that the topper moves unique, but the intricate details on the reindeer and sleigh are definitely a beautiful sight. Each of the sides of the reindeer’s saddles features a different Thomas Kinkade holiday classic scene.

The sleigh and the reindeer measure 8 inches long, while the star is 6 inches in height.

Christmas Angel Bear Tree Topper




How adorable would this Christmas angel bear look sitting on top of your Christmas tree this year? This topper features a little angelic bear all decked out in her red, white, and green Christmas attire. She even has white wings that feature a cute green swirling pattern.

The topper measures 12 inches tall. This topper would be great for a family with young kids or just for someone who loves teddy bears. If you aren’t sure about this unique topper for your tree, then you can always use it as a mantle decoration or a shelf decoration for Christmas as well.

Red Lighted Bow Tree Topper


Not a lot of people have a big red light up bow on the top of their Christmas tree, but this topper can really be a show stopper on your tree. The topper has 20 lights that make it glow. It’s a great finishing touch on a Christmas tree and go with so many different themes.

The topper measures 14 inches tall. It easily attaches to the top of the tree with an attached cone in the back that is barely visible when all light up.

Angel Dog Christmas Tree Topper


Dog lovers will love this Christmas tree topper featuring a yellow Labrador Christmas angel. The angel is wearing a white and gold silk gown along with gold silk wings and is even complete with a golden halo over her head. But, this is not your average angel as it is actually a dog instead of a human face.

The topper measures 11 inches tall and would be great for a special memory of a pet or just for a dog lover who wants something fun for their Christmas tree this year.

There is also a black Labrador retriever angel topper available as well.

Snowman Head Christmas Tree Topper

RAZ Imports - Exclusive - Holly and Houndstooth - 15


Build your own Christmas tree snowman with this cool snowman head tree topper. This would work great if you have a snowman themed Christmas tree or if you have a white tree that you want to turn into a huge snowman.

This is a quite large snowman head as it measures over 15 inches high and is 10 inches in diameter.

The green and red hounds-tooth patterned scarf adds a bit of fun and flair while the red top hat finishes off the design.

Unlike some other snowman head toppers this is a well made, quality one that will stay on the top of the tree.

This snowman head topper can even be used to decorate a shelf or a table instead of on your tree.

Elf Hat Christmas Tree Topper

Christmas Holiday Elf Hat Tree Topper


This is another great unique tree topper idea for Christmas. This would look especially cute on a kid’s Christmas tree or you can even use it to decorate your fireplace mantle.

This red and green elf hat is just one of the several I have come across as there are others available in other patterns like red and white striped as well.

It is actually larger than most of the other toppers as it measures 19 inches tall and is 9 inches in diameter.

Just like the snowman head you could easily use the elf hat to turn your tree into a fun and festive elf getting read for Santa’s arrival. Of course you don’t need to turn your whole tree into the elf as the topper also goes great with a red and green whimsical and Santa theme as well.

You can even use it to decorate your fireplace mantle or an entryway bench for a fun North Pole touch.

Whimsical Green and Red Bow Tree Topper



Your tree will look just like a professional decorating came in to decorate your tree with this beautiful and whimsical Christmas bow tree topper.

This is definitely not a topper you would find at your local discount store as it is handmade and has such a great modern touch to it.

The topper features red and lime green ribbon with glitter as well as other fun glitter accents such as the glittering floral picks that really add to the interest of the topper.

Since it is custom made you can even change it up a bit with a different ribbon or a different type of accent as well.
These are just some of the great unique Christmas tree toppers that you can choose for your tree this year.Y

You can even find some really unique toppers at Etsy.com, where most are handmade and can even be customized to perfectly fit your tree.

Holy Family Nativity Scene Christmas Tree Topper

Holy Family with Star Christmas Tree Topper


This Holy Family tree topper is absolutely stunning and something that you definitely won’t see on anyone else’s tree this year.

It is made of a high quality resin material that is intricately designed. There is Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus in the stable with a gold star that shines above them.

This topper is definitely not designed for only miniature Christmas trees (as a lot of other nativity scene toppers out there) as it can be used on a tree up to 9 feet tall.

It measures 12 inches tall and is 8 inches wide. The topper comes with the Shepherd’s Staff for easy and secure installation on the tree.


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